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Phuket Travel Safety Guide

By the students of Prince of Songkla University

Phuket Travel Safety Guide is a very well presented project compiled by the students of the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism of the Prince of Songkla University in Phuket. Note that this is meant to be informative and not to alarm anyone! Phuket is a safe place to be if you just keep your common sense!

Project by: Miss Pamipat Tippayawong, Mr Patcharapol Na Pathalung, Miss Natapan Ratsomboon, Mr Patipan Yuennan Miss Supanida Malayaporn, Miss Pimolpan Somnoi, Miss Jariyaporn Huikien, Miss Nuttaporn Losakul, Mr Luo Siqing
: Dr. Chayanon Phucharoen, Ajarn Pisit Tuntipisitkul

Download directly the complete PDF here (33 Mb):


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Download directly the complete PDF here (33 Mb):

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