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Maikhao Dream Villa Resort Phuket is a great hotel I had the chance to experience in Thailand, but Maikhao Dream is not a resort for everyone. It is in the north part of the island where the beach is all yours, it is very exclusive which makes it rather expensive and it comes only with 2 or 3 bedroom villas. This is the perfect hideaway for a group of friends or 3 couples who want to travel together and share their holiday in style.


Maikhao Dream Villa Resort consists of 22 exclusive pool villas, each of them so huge I probably kept my mouth open for a while when I walked in. The first thing I did once my butler had shown me around, was to walk from the entrance to the back door: I counted 44 steps (casual steps). Now stand up, find the longest part of your house and count 44 steps, it will give you an idea of the size of my villa. And each villa has two floors! Villas are very tastefully decorated in a discreet Thai style with elegant traditional Thai murals and many touches of luxury. The ground floor includes a vast dining/living room sitting 6 persons very comfortably plus a well-equipped kitchen with cooking island.


If cooking is your thing, you can buy your ingredients at the fresh market near the airport, but apparently the popular option is to ask a hotel chef to cook for your party… how is that for a perfect holiday? Each of the three bedrooms is, of course, oversized with velvet sofas, plenty of cushions everywhere and a massive bathroom with a bathtub twice the usual size… just look at the many photos to appreciate the discreet luxury and the attention to details. The next highlight of the villa is the outdoor setting.


This villa doesn’t come with a private pool… it comes with THREE private pools! A large one, a Jacuzzi pool next to a private ‘Sala’ (a traditional Thai house with a pointy roof and no walls), and another private pool on the second floor for the occupants of the upstairs bedroom… did I mention that the water from upstairs pool cascades down in the large lower pool?The staircase to reach upstairs is also unusually large, taking you to a bedroom on the right and the second living room on the left, both beautifully fitted and decorated, with an outdoor wooden deck and of course: a pool!


It’s a home away from home, it’s just a lot nicer. Definitely a great amount of effort, passion and money was invested in this exclusive property. I ended up spending a lot of time in my villa, swimming, writing in my outdoor Sala and opening the many doors of the many rooms, but I had to go and explore the rest of the resort.


The indoor restaurant is rather small in proportion to the villas but I was told that most guests spends most of their time in their room. The open-air restaurant located above is a must-try, nicely designed with dim lights, it’s a really cool place for a cosy dinner. At the top floor of the main build, the luxurious spa is another must-try…


I have been to many spas in Thailand but I was surprised by the skills of my therapist. Not only she spoke good English, but she knew exactly how much pressure to apply on my sore muscles. The treatment was delightful and well needed; my sore muscles were very thankful for it. The spa offers a wide array of treatments that can be combined up to 4 hours! I asked if anyone ever had a 4 hours treatment… she said quite often yes. I don’t think I would be able to stay without running around for 4 hours… or would I? Maikhao Dream Villa Resort also features a well-equipped fitness, kids club and library with computers and internet. In front of the main building is the main pool but not many guests feel the need to use it since they have a large private one.


And a special mention should be made about the service; discreet, attentive and friendly and your villa come with your own private butler, whatever you need and whenever you need it!

Then you have the beach… an amazing 11 km long strip of deserted sand with a handful of beach chairs waiting for you… look in both direction: you are the only person here apart from a handful of other guests… Maikhao Dream Villa Resort deserves its name, it is really the dream place for those more interested in the unspoiled face of Phuket; pure relaxation with the right mix of luxury, style, space and one of the most amazing beaches on the island. Isn’t this how Phuket is supposed to be?

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