Promthep Cape Restaurant in South Phuket

Promthep Restaurant

Thai Local Restaurant in Promthep Cape [toc] Promthep Cape Restaurant is a surprisingly good place to enjoy a relaxing dinner with a view once you have your photos of the famous sunsets of Promthep Cape in the south of Phuket, just past Nai Harn Beach. Often overlooked by the thousand tourists visiting the area every day, it serves a surprisingly good Thai and seafood served by a friendly crew. Set

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Black Rock Viewpoint in South Phuket

Black Rock Viewpoint Phuket

Where is Black Rock Viewpoint? [toc] The Black Rock viewpoint, in the south of Phuket, has been known for a while but it’s among the most challenging ones to reach if you are not familiar with the area. It also requires a car or even better, a motorbike to get there. You will need to be in a decent physical condition as it involves some steep walking. How to get

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Radar Hill Viewpoint in Phuket

Phuket Radar Hill Viewpoint

Radar Hill Viewpoint in Phuket Radar Hill Viewpoint in Phuket offers a breathtaking panorama. The island certainly has quite a few viewpoints but some less visible than others such as this one are actually the most impressive. This hard to reach Radar Hill viewpoint is located high above Patong Beach and is not frequently visited but once you are up there, you will barely see anyone but locals and you'll

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Khao Khad Viewpoint – Panwa Viewpoint

Panwa Viewpoint - Khao Kad Viewpoint

What is Khao Khad Viewpoint [toc] Khao Khad Viewpoint (Panwa Viewpoint) is a solitary standing viewpoint on top of one of the highest and most remote hill of Phuket, and a bit of a mystery. With a parking designed to accommodate a large amount of buses and cars, a shop and a massive staircase leading to a large tower, you would expect to find a crowd up there... but when

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