25 Thai Fruits to Discover in Phuket

Thai fruits in Phuket

What exotic fruits can you find in Phuket? [toc] Exotic Thai fruits in Phuket range from the well-known pineapple or even watermelon to the most surprising ones like the weird-looking Dragon Fruit, the huge pungent Durian or the enormous Jackfruit. The choice of fruits in Thailand is endless and visiting a local market in Phuket is a chance to try as many as you can. Some of the best fruits

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Eating Fried Insects and Bugs in Phuket

Eating Insects in Thailand

Where to find fried insects in Phuket [toc] Eating Fried Insects and Bugs in Phuket and Thailand seems to be the 'ultimate cultural challenge' so try to answer the following questions: How many of you had a bite at one of these appetizing bugs sold on carts in the streets of Thailand? A few, I suppose. How many of you LIKED IT? less! How many of you actually ENJOYED EATING

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13 Local Thai Food to Try in Phuket

Thai Food in Phuket

 What to Eat in Phuket? [toc] 1. Tom Yam Goong Tom Yam is one of Thailand's favourite and most well-known dish, to locals and visitors alike. It is not a tourist trap; it is part of Thai life. Tom Yam means hot and sour soup and Goong means prawns. Other famous variations are Tom Yam Talay (seafood), Tom Yam Gai (chicken), Kradook Moo (pork ribs). Orange colour in Tom Yam Goong

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Most Popular Thai Food by Votes

Most Popular Thai Food

Most Popular Thai Food by Votes Thai food is famous the world around but there is so much to choose from that we ask our readers to vote for their favourite Thai dishes. You can vote for more than one dish, and we will add more as we find the photos so be patient if your all time favourite is not yet in this collection! :D If you are about

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Som Tam in Phuket – Thailand’s most loved dish

Som Tam in Phuket

Som Tam in Phuket Som Tam (Somtum) is probably one of the cornerstones of Thai Cuisine and it comes in various versions, but the main ingredients in Som Tam recipe will almost always include grated green papaya with fish sauce, lime juice, chilies, dry shrimps, green beans and peanuts. Som Tum Tai is the most simple form and popular variations are the Som Tum Poo with salted black crabs and

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