Phuket Big Buddha

Big Buddha Phuket

Phuket most iconic landmark [toc] Phuket Big Buddha is a 45-metre-tall white marble statue visible from anywhere in the southern part of Phuket. This impressive landmark is probably at the top of everyone's 'Must-Do in Phuket' and is jaw-dropping. The panoramic views from up there are breathtaking. Koh Samui always had a very popular Giant Buddha, and Phuket wanted a bigger one. In addition, it is free to visit the

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Buddha Postures for the 7 Days of the Week

7 Buddha Postures

7 Buddha postures for each days of the week [toc] If you have been to a temple (or 'Wat') in Thailand, you might have noticed that the Buddha appears in standing, sitting or reclining postures. In some, you will see seven or eight statues of Buddha aligned next to each other, often with a donation cup in front of it. So what do these 7 Buddha postures mean? Many people

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Wat Sri Sunthon Temple – Phuket Reclining Golden Buddha

Wat Sri Sunthon Phuket

Phuket reclining golden Buddha [toc] Wat Sri Sunthon (Wat Srisoonthorn) is known for the immense golden Buddha reclining at the top of a large building in the 'Pang Sai Yat' posture, which corresponds to “Realizing Nirvana” (read more here). The statue seems to be staring endlessly at the frantic traffic on the nearby road to Phuket International Airport. Of course, you already knew that 'Wat' is the Thai word for 'Temple'.

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Wat Suwan Kuha – Buddha Cave in Phang Nga

Wat Suwan Kuha in Phang Nga

The Buddha Cave of Phang Nga [toc] Wat Suwan Kuha is a surprising cave sheltering an immense reclining golden Buddha. If you feel like a little drive outside Phuket island, this is your chance to explore another side of Phang Nga! This region is not only famous for incredible limestone cliffs plunging straight down into the sea but also for some unexpected jewels. If you rent a car, driving along

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Koh Sirey and Wat Koh Sirey near Phuket Town

Koh Sirey

An island within Phuket island [toc] Koh Sirey is an island, but you would never guess it from a map and many probably have never heard of it. Connected to Phuket town by a very short bridge, this small piece of land doesn't have any particular signs but this is where you will find the beautiful Westin Siray Bay Resort. What to do on Sirey Island Besides the temple and

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Wat Khao Rang and Phuket Golden Sitting Buddha

Wat Kao Rang

Phuket golden sitting Buddha [toc] Wat Khao Rang (Kao Rang Temple) is a modest temple in Phuket town that would be somewhat anonymous if it was not for its large and majestic golden sitting Buddha. But is the giant Buddha not supposed to be much bigger and made of white marble? True, this one is the golden Buddha of Phuket Town, one of the first sitting Buddha in Phuket, built

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Wat Phra Thong in Phuket (Wat Prathong)

Wat Phra Thong in Phuket

Wat Prathong in Thalang [toc] Wat Phra Thong (or Wat Prathong), meaning 'Golden Buddha Image Temple is a very old temple with an incredible legend behind it, the kind of story that irresistibly attracts people... It's not very big or impressive, but everyone first wants to see the famous half-buried golden Buddha. So what is this strange legend about a temple in Thalang on the way to Phuket Airport? The

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