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Karlsson’s Restaurant and Steakhouse in Patong

Karlsson’s Restaurant and Steakhouse in Patong

I have been wanting to write about Karlsson’s Restaurant and Steakhouse in Patong beach for a very long time, but I always postponed because I thought it might be a bit strange to recommend a steakhouse to travelers coming a long way to Thailand. Now we wrote a lot about Thai restaurants in Phuket and we will list a lot more, but there comes a time when we crave a good old fashioned steak! I’m sure it happens to some of you during your holiday too, especially those who are not so ‘hot about spicy food’, a little meat break might be welcome.


In more than 20 years spent in Thailand, I had the chance to try steaks in many restaurants around the island, often expensive. Some were really good, some were not, but overall, the good ones would always come with a high price. I even tried Matsutaka steak the other day and my wallet still feels very traumatized about it. But when I really want a good rib eye or fillet, I go straight to Karlsson’s restaurant in Patong Beach, not only because it’s surprisingly affordable, but because in the past ten years I have been going there, I was always surprised how consistent the quality of the steak was. No fancy decoration at Karlsson’s, just a very friendly and smiley crew who will bring your steak cooked just right in a record time!


To give you an idea, a 200 grams rib-eye costs only 590 baht and 300 grams 770 baht, both come with nice big french fries. You also can select Thai food or pork chops or sausages from the menu, but don’t ask me how these taste like, I have no idea! 😀

So if you are in Patong beach at walking distance from Bangla road and you want something more meaty than usual before starting your wild party night, do what we do: go to Karlsson’s Restaurant and have a hearty dinner! Everyone knows it’s better drink on a full stomach, and at that price, you will still have enough money to party! (And this is also why the restaurant seems to be quite, I usually go earlier than people on holiday)

And for the record, as usual I always pay the full fare for my dinner so this is really a personal recommendation.


Karlsson’s Restaurant and Steakhouse

Address: 108/16 Thaweewong Road
Location: from the beach road, walk toward the tall Patong Tower until you reach the end of the walkway
Tel: 076 345 035

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Karlsson’s Restaurant and Steakhouse in Patong
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