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Phuket Price Check! Which Shops are Cheaper in Phuket?

Price of Shopping in Phuket

What is the price of shopping in Phuket? Which Shops are Cheaper in Phuket? Here are questions I always asked myself, and I know many of you did too. How much difference is there between all the island’s convenience stores?

For fun, I went around the island and compared the price of 10 items. That was quite an eye-opener. All prices are in Baht and may vary from one convenience store to another, even within the same brand.

Big CLotusCentralFamily
7 - 11
Heineken small384140404444
Singha small313131313636
Coke can1212.512.5131414
Minere Water 1.5 L11.514.512131515
Milk 1 L3844.54544.544.544.5
Kellogg cereal classic44466547.55046.5
Colgate Toothpaste384744494848
Pringles Classic373939535558
AA 4 Batteries Panasonic607368766976
Fisherman Friends313633373838

The Winner is SuperCheap!

SuperCheap Phuket

There are 2 types of SuperCheap, the ‘SuperCheap Mini’, which is still the cheapest among all, and the ‘Main SuperCheap’, which is on average 1 baht cheaper than the ‘new mini SuperCheap’.

(Note that this page was written a while back, but the price difference between shops is still valid!)

seven eleven
seven eleven
Tesco Lotus
Tesco Lotus
Big C
Big C
Family Mart
Family Mart
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Willy Thuan

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