Price of Shopping in Phuket

Phuket Price Check! Which Shops are Cheaper in Phuket?

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Price of Shopping in Phuket

What is the price of shopping in Phuket? Which Shops are Cheaper in Phuket? Here are questions I always asked myself, and I know many of you did too. How much difference is there between all the island’s convenience stores?

For fun, I went around the island and compared the price of 10 items. That was quite an eye-opener. All prices are in Baht and may vary from one convenience store to another, even within the same brand.

Big CLotusCentralFamily
7 - 11
Heineken small384140404444
Singha small313131313636
Coke can1212.512.5131414
Minere Water 1.5 L11.514.512131515
Milk 1 L3844.54544.544.544.5
Kellogg cereal classic44466547.55046.5
Colgate Toothpaste384744494848
Pringles Classic373939535558
AA 4 Batteries Panasonic607368766976
Fisherman Friends313633373838

The Winner is SuperCheap!

SuperCheap Phuket

There are 2 types of SuperCheap, the ‘SuperCheap Mini’, which is still the cheapest among all, and the ‘Main SuperCheap’, which is on average 1 baht cheaper than the ‘new mini SuperCheap’.

(Note that this page was written a while back, but the price difference between shops is still valid!)

seven eleven
seven eleven

Tesco Lotus
Tesco Lotus

Big C
Big C

Family Mart
Family Mart