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6 Online Services to Make Your Life in Phuket Easier!

Helpful Online Services in Phuket

Here is a list of valuable online services we came in contact with to make your life in Phuket easier. With the fast evolution of mobile apps and customised services, it is no surprise that more and more services become available. Some may think it’s a waste of money, but sometimes your time is precious, and you should take advantage of it.

We used most of the services below and talked with those we didn’t yet have a chance to use personally. As usual, we are not sponsored; we did not get paid or even got any free services! This page should help people plan their move to Phuket and those already here. If you know of any other services or had any bad experiences, drop us a line on our Facebook page. (Obviously, no need to recommend tours or online hotel bookings)

1. Weserve

Online Food Delivery Service

we serve food delivery phuket

If you live on Phuket island, food will never be a problem. It’s everywhere, cheap if you are on a budget, and sophisticated when you need it.

Occasionally you will be so busy or sick or, for some reason, unable to go out or to send someone to get some lunch or dinner. Or maybe you are plain lazy, and there is nothing wrong with it. But, unfortunately, we were a bit of all the above, super lazy, super busy, and there is no street food near our house. That’s when WeServe gets handy!

WeServe is connected to an extensive collection of restaurants around the island. Check the well-illustrated online menu, order, and a driver will deliver the food to your door.

We tried WeServe a couple of times, and it works really well, and in each case, the food was still hot when it arrived. Of course, it takes a bit longer, but actually, it is pretty fast considering that you don’t have to go. Of course, when you pick a restaurant, try to select one nearby if you want your dinner more quickly. You can choose from one of the many restaurants listed by type of cuisine or use their recommendations. The interface is very well designed, and someone calls you straight away in good English to confirm your order (so you know it is actually on the way!)

You can choose to pay in cash or by credit card. The website is Thai, English and Chinese, well-designed, well-illustrated and very easy to use.

Go to their Website ►

2. Grab Taxi

Online Taxi Service

grab taxi

Most people are familiar with Grab, an app that allows hailing a taxi via your mobile phone. However, most people don’t know that Grab is widely available around most beaches in Phuket and cheaper than Tuk Tuks. We recommend you download it before arriving. Play with the app when you have a bit of free tie to familiarise yourself with it and see how many taxis are available around your hotel. It’s good peace of mind.

Another helpful hint: Grab app gives you an estimate on how much a ride should cost, so you are better armed if you have to ride a tuk-tuk! Just enter your destination, and you can get an estimate of the price. Grab now allows you to pay by cash or to enter your credit card (which you should enter early to be ready).

3. Villa Market Grocery Ordering

Villa Market Phuket

The arrival of Villa Market Online shopping was a welcome addition, and prices online are the same as prices in-store. Traffic in Phuket is notoriously bad, especially during the high season and once you realise how convenient this new service is, it rapidly becomes a comfortable routine. Of course, we still love to go and browse their vast selection of products for cooking inspiration, but now we go when we want to, not when we have to 🙂 Have a look at their website here

4. BeNeat Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Services

beneat cleaning services

If you rent a big house for the long term or have a job and don’t want to spend your free time cleaning it instead of swimming, you might need some help cleaning it. Phuket being a touristic island with a thousand hotels, you will soon realise that there is a lot more demand than supply when it comes to maid services! Even if you can handle your cleaning, there are moments you will need a thorough scrubbing: post-construction cleaning or places that haven’t been cleaned for more than two months. It may also be before you move in or before you return to the house, you rented for a long time. (Yes, it is proper to return the house you rented in good condition!)

BeNeat offers this service, one-time extensive cleaning or regular services. It’s all about the quality of service, value for money and of course, safety. For regular cleaning price is 250 Baht per hour – – you can even select a cleaner by checking the amount of jobs done in the past and the reviews from the customers. The service also comes with insurance, which is good to know. There is even an app to book as you go!

Go to their Website ►

5. Siam Relocation

Moving to or from Phuket

siam relocation

If you plan to move from overseas to Phuket or, like us, you keep moving from Bangkok to Phuket back and forth, you will need some help to move your stuff. It’s incredible how fast we accumulate things! Each time we move, it takes a bigger truck. But moving or shipping can take many forms: Moving the content of your house is the biggest, but you might also want to send personal belonging, small or large. It can be from or to your country; it can be domestic. Maybe you went shopping, and you realised you couldn’t fit this in your suitcase. You have a shop at home, and you want to buy items to sell once home.

We talked with Siam Relocation.

Moving from or to a country. How does it work if I move from Europe to Phuket and want everything wrapped and taken care of?

We do provide what we call “Door to door” service (or All-inclusive move). In this case, we will handle every step of your relocation: packing at the departure, loading of belongings, export charges (documents, declaration), international freight*, customs clearance, delivery & unpacking/unloading at the arrival.

Our strength is our ability to adapt our offer to our customer’s budget needs. Here you will find further information about our ECO Package: The customer handles the packing & loading part and can save more than 30/40% on his quotation.

Moving from Bangkok to Phuket. (complete handling and self-packing option)

It will be the same process explained just above. The only difference is that domestic move doesn’t require an export & import process (mainly customs clearance). Shipment will be done by truck & could be done under an ECO package and a Premium Package.

Someone bought too many items. Can you ship small-size objects domestically and overseas?

We can handle every shipment, but please note that we are not specialised in small parcel shipments (below 20kgs). In this case, it will be more attractive to contact directly companies such as EMS, DHL, TNT… (& compare). All every item we can handle: packing, license, and shipment.

Someone wants to buy items in Thailand and ship them to sell in their shop in the USA.

If they want to send goods for commercial purposes, an export license is required. But, again, we can provide door-to-door service, and if the customer doesn’t have any license, we can even provide it, charging an additional fee to the Customer.

Please note, as mentioned above, that tiny parcels (below 20kgs) are not really our strength (even if we can definitely handle it).

Shipping price is a question of size, weight and destination + How do you handle the customs and import taxes?

The price will depend on volume/weight, destination & additional services needed such as packing, export license, and loading services. We handle all the steps; we ask customers to pay taxes while belongings reach customs upon arrival. (We do provide official customs bills to our customers).

Go to their Website ►

6. Chope

Online Restaurants Booking

chope online restaurants

We have used Chope for a long time now and found it most convenient. The Phuket food scene is evolving fast and is becoming more and more sophisticated. Most people stay for a while and enjoy local restaurants, but they want to go to a special place for a special occasion once in a while. In some of the most popular restaurants on the island, it is recommended to book in advance to avoid a bad surprise. Imagine taking your loved one to a romantic seafront restaurant… and being turned away because the restaurant is full! How embarrassing. Booking in advance might also allow you to secure the best table and get you some rewards.

Chope allows you to book online, so there is no surprise and no language barrier. In addition, they have a point system that gets you some rewards.

Go to their Website ►
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