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Vset Restaurant Phuket

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Vset Restaurant Phuket

Vset (meaning ‘Magical’ in Thai) is, in fact, part of the very successful seafood restaurant Kan Eang @ Pier in Chalong Bay and even shares some of the facilities such as the beautiful seafront bar a perfect place for a drink before dinner. The view on Chalong bay at the end of the day is very relaxing, quite different from all the usual beachfront restaurants; the horizon is peppered with many small islands, and a multitude of boats of all sizes are gently bobbing in the peaceful bay.


However, Vset is a totally different experience. The fully air-conditioned restaurant is large and divided into three rooms, all finely decorated. The first room, which is also the main entrance, is fitted with dining tables surrounding a beautiful U shaped open kitchen. A second dining room closer to the sea is large and cosy with warm wooden tones and dimmed lighting. In between is the wine cellar displaying the wines you will be able to select from the menu.


Waiters and waitresses are very polite, and all speak excellent English. The menu is original and creative, with the chef’s recommendation indicated a small V, which we would usually pick. Once our order was taken, we were served slices of bread and excellent amuse gueules (yes, that’s in the dictionary), but I found myself busy taking photos around. Vset takes great pride in the food presentation, so I went to look at the open kitchen to get a glimpse of the preparation. Appetizers always seem to require a lot of attention… We had Raviolis stuffed with local blue crabs and Wagyu beef slices served with pan-seared Foie Gras; both were very good.


After trying so many restaurants in our life, we started to notice that appetizers are habitually good, but the main course is where the real talent of the chef will show. We ordered Osso Buco, one of my favourite dish, but not easy to cook to perfection, and a rack of lamb, a simple dish but quality and cooking are unforgiving. Both dishes were well presented and perfectly cooked, but very, unfortunately, were a bit too salty. The dessert menu was very tempting, but we settled just for the recommended passion fruits tart, which was good.


Overall, Vset was a nice experience with just a hiccup, the chef Ronnie Macuja wasn’t here on that evening, and the main dishes ended up too salted. I think we will have to try it again, but we probably will call in advance to make sure Chef Ronnie is around.


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Vset Restaurant Info

Location: near Chalong Pier next to Kan Eang @ Pier
Open: 11.30 am to 11.30 pm
Tel: 076 381159

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