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Aungku Phuket Cafe in Old Phuket Town

Aungku Phuket Cafe

    Aungku Phuket is a new cafe that literally popped up in a couple of months at the intersection of two famous streets of the Old Phuket Town: Thalang Road Soi Romanee.

    Kopi de Phuket

    Kopi de Phuket

      Kopi de Phuket, a very small restaurant, has made its name in Phuket Town for a while. It looks strangely familiar and serves some really typical Phuket dishes in an eclectic decor, but what Kopi de Phuket does best is coffee in Phuket style.

      Coconuts Cafe Phuket

      Coconuts Café Phuket

        Coconuts Café is a lovely little bakery and restaurant hidden in a small lane of Chalong, in the south of Phuket Island. The coffee shop is a tiny house on stilts, with a garden surrounded by a vast green natural landscape and immense coconut trees.