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Korea Town in Bangkok (Sukhumvit Plaza)

A slice of Korea on Sukhumvit Road

Korea Town in Sukhumvit Plaza is a little slice of Korea on Sukhumvit Road, in the heart of Bangkok. It’s an old four-story mall packed with Korean restaurants, shops, and businesses, mostly located on the ground floor and first floor. There are a few more shops and restaurants on the floors above but visitors don’t seem to go up there often.

Korea Town in Bangkok

Korea Town is a great place to go if you’re looking for a taste of Korea in Bangkok. It’s also a popular spot with Korean expats, so you’re sure to get an authentic experience.

Korea Town in Sukhumvit Plaza in Bangkok

If you are not familiar with the place, it’s quite hard to decide which one to pick! We tried a few and all have incredibly extensive menus to pick from. Thankfully, the menus all come with tons of photos because names are hard to memorize for beginners!

Korea-Town-in-Sukhumvit Plaza in Bangkok

What can you expect to find in Korea Town?

Korean restaurants

Hwa Shin Restaurant in Korea Town Bangkok

This is the main draw for most people. There are over ten Korean restaurants here, serving up everything from Korean BBQ to bibimbap and kimchi jjigae.

Korean grocery stores

Korea Town in Bangkok Sukhumvit

You can find all your favourite Korean ingredients here, from kimchi and gochujang to noodles and seaweed snacks. There’s also a Korean supermarket where you can buy Korean snacks, drinks, and beauty products.

There are also a few other shops in Korea Town, including a bookstore, a karaoke bar, and a beauty salon.

Some popular restaurants in Korea Town

Seoul B.B.Q. – Known for its Korean barbecue, offering a variety of meats and traditional side dishes.

Hongdae Korean Restaurant – Offers a range of Korean dishes, including hotpots, barbecues, and stews.

Zaap Onn Korean Restaurant – Specializes in Korean barbecue and other traditional dishes.

Korean Town Restaurant – Offers a wide selection of Korean dishes, including bibimbap, bulgogi, and kimchi.

Obok Restaurant – Known for its traditional Korean dishes, including seafood pancakes and spicy stir-fried pork.

Jang Won Korean Restaurant – Offers a range of Korean dishes, including hotpots, barbecues, and noodles.

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  1. Korea Town Info

    Location: Sukhumvit
    Address: Sukhumvit Plaza Building Sukhumvit Rd, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110
    Hours: 10 am – 10 pm
    BTS Skytrain: The closest BTS Skytrain station is Asoke Station

    Korea Town Location Map

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