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Where to Party in Phuket? 11 Fun and Wild Ways to PARTY! (updated 2018)

11 Ways to Party in Patong!

Where to Party in Phuket? Everyone expects something different, but everyone wants to get the best of it in a minimum amount of time!

Here are 1q fun ways to party wild in Phuket. Don’t take it too seriously as this is not a Top 10 that would suit everyone but 11 Fun Party Tips I would certainly recommend to my visiting friends. The list could go on and on, but these should be a pretty good start. See also ‘Best Party Places for New Year’s Eve in Phuket‘.

Note that each year, there are a few days without alcohol in Thailand. During those days most venues will be closed since they can’t really do business with soft drinks only. Ask your hotel is there are any such days during your stay. Stock some beers in your fridge as well since even convenience stores are not allowed to sell alcohol. Those days are Buddhist days and election days, so just ask your hotels if there are any during your stay.

1. Explore Bangla Road

That’s a given, but who would go to Patong and not walk up and down Soi Bangla at least once to get a feel for it? It’s bright and fun, entertainment is calling you from everywhere, clubs, live music, girls dancing on bar counters and ladyboys parading with feathers. It’s party zone and you can go without guilt. Read more

2. Start with a Shooter at the Ice Bar

You had a big dinner and feel sleepy? You are jet-lagged and you wonder if you should rather go to bed and think about it tomorrow? No way! Go to Jaguar Ice Bar located in front of Illuzion Club on Bangla Road. Enter a -30˙C freezing room without a jacket! Get a vodka shot in an ice glass served on an ice bar and try to stay as long as possible. It’s not cheap, maybe 160 baht per shot, but without a jacket you won’t stay long enough for 2. I guarantee you will be fully awake and ready to party. (see also party drinks)

3. Sit an Any Beer Bar and Ring the Bell!

Walk down Bangla Road or any of the side lanes to see a countless tiny bars, all looking ‘Same Same but Different’. A beer bar is a U shaped counter with colorful lights, loud music, a TV screen, a funny name you will have hard time remembering, few friendly girls and some silly bar games to play. But the bell hang at each bar is NOT a game! It is a way to show your happiness… and generosity! Ring it to pay a round of drinks to everyone around the bar! (expect 1,000 baht)

4. Inspect a Go Go Bar (or two, or three)

You don’t have to be a weirdo to have a look inside a Go Go Bar, usually a room with girls dancing with very little cloth on a central stage, and sometimes a show that might make your jaw drop. Once again, this is Phuket, and it’s pretty relax, many couples go to have a drink and a little story to tell once home. Anyway remember, “What happens in Bangla stays in…” well, what happens next is your problem 🙂 Read ‘What really happens inside a Go Go Bar

5. Hit the Night Clubs

As this date, w listed seven clubs in Patong so you should find the one for you. The most popular ones are Illuzion and White Room on Soi Bangla. Banana Disco on the beach road is an old time favourite as well as Hollywood on Bangla and Tai Pan near Jungceylon mall. Patong official closing time is supposed to be 2 am, but nobody seems to care, so have fun! Read more about Phuket Clubs

6. Beach Clubs!

What can feel more like a holiday than a party right on the beach with the sea just next to you. Phuket beach clubs are back and Kudo is the closest to Bangla road, Patong party street. Colourful lights, great sound system and international DJs. It’s so easy to have it all in Phuket! Read more

7. Rooftop Bars

There are more rooftop bars in Phuket than you think! They are scattered around the island and address to the travellers who prefer a more quiet and intimate way to party. There are at least 3 rooftops in Patong and they are a great spot for a drink before dinner with a sunset. Read more

8. Full Moon Parties

Phuket Full Moon Party

Paradise beach is Phuket’s answer to the famous Koh Phangan Full Moon Party. This little cove is a little tropical beach by day, and a huge dance floor by night. Loud music, lots of lights and good international DJ’s make sure your night is unforgettable.

There is an entrance fee for parties, probably higher for New Years Eve than on full moon parties. Technically it becomes an immense outdoor club surrounded by coconuts trees. There is a free shuttle to take you to and back from the party to Patong beach. It’s convenient and definitely safer! Don’t drive! Read more about Paradise Beach. Read more

9. Live Music & Other Loud Rock Bands

There is no lack of live bands in Patong and you will hear them long before you see them, but some should consider another career. However three spots are really hot in Patong. Baan Laimai Hotel on the beach road, Red Hot Bar at the end of Bangla near Jungceylon Mall, and the excellent bands of Rock City across the street. Entrance are free, just order a drink. Read more

10. Simon Cabaret & Ladyboys Shows

Simon Cabaret has a nice stage, great sets, beautiful costumes, impeccable choreography, but what everyone is here to see is how pretty the girls are. Because what Simon is most famous for is that all the pretty ladyboys on stage (and I mean pretty). Now if you don’t have time to sit for a couple of hour at the show, you can see some ladyboys in Soi Soi Bangla (can’t miss them) or some more modest show in Paradise complex. Read more

11. Get a Great Tattoo!

Best Tattoo Shops in Phuket

Getting a tattoo is obviously something you can do anytime of the day, but it seems that there is a lot more demand at night after a few drinks! We wonder why…. And why not after all! Phuket has some amazing artists and if you pick from our list you might not remember why you did that last night, but at list you’ll go home with something really well executed! (well that’s assuming you asked for something not embarrassing :D) See our list of Phuket Best Tattoo Shops

Extra bonus: Recover on an Island

If you did party wild and need to recover… The most amazing is definitely Similan Islands, the color of the water is striking, the sand is like baby powder and you can rent a small air con bungalow to stay the night! If you don’t feel like a long trip, you can go to the closest Bon Island, or further Phi Phi Island, Racha Island or even nearby Coral Island. Read more

Where to Party in Phuket? 11 Fun and Wild Ways to PARTY! (updated 2018)
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