Ong Ang Walking Street – Khlong Ong Ang Night Market

Khong Ong Ang Night Market in Bangkok Chinatown

Dining by Ong Ang canal in Bangkok Chinatown [toc] Ong Ang Walking Street or Khlong Ong Ang Night Market is a popular shopping and dining destination located at the end of Bangkok's Chinatown. The market is situated along a canal and is known for its lively atmosphere, bustling stalls, and delicious food. In case you don't know, 'Khlong' means canal in Thai, and Bangkok has a lot of Khlongs. The

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Best Things to Do in Bangkok Chinatown – A Walking Guide

Bangkok Chinatown

A walking guide to Bangkok Chinatown [toc] The best things to do in Bangkok Chinatown include Yaowarat Road, eating legendary street food, shopping in local markets, and learning more about this area’s long and fascinating history. As with most Chinatowns around the world, Bangkok’s Yaowarat Road and Samphanthawong District is a riot of colour, light and sound, constantly abuzz with activity. It’s worth a visit just to soak up the

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Yaowarat Road in Bangkok Chinatown

Bangkok Chinatown - Yaowarat Road

What to do in Yaowarat Road? [toc] Yaowarat Road in Bangkok Chinatown are some of the oldest Chinese communities in Thailand and is always an attraction ranking high on any traveller's list of things to see in Bangkok. And it should! Yaowarat, Sampeng Lane and all the small shopping streets around are buzzing with activity by day and night. It's a gigantic market made of tiny shops packed again each

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The Mustang Blu Bangkok – Hotel and Cafe

The Mustang Blu Bangkok

[toc] The Mustang Blu is an old renovated building with a flat iron shape that was originally built as a bank in late 1800 just on the edge of Bangkok Chinatown and very near the old Hua Lampoon Railway Station. The Mustang Blu started as a bank but later became a hospital, then a bathhouse or a massage parlour, and is now a 10 bedrooms hotel with a unique personality.

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