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11 Best Things to Do in Krabi

What to do in Krabi and around?

Krabi is a province east of Phuket on the Andaman Coast that’s home to some of Thailand’s most spectacular islands and beaches, as well as dramatic limestone mountain landscapes and jungles to explore. The Phi Phi islands are Krabi’s best known attraction, while a host of smaller islands, hidden lagoons, waterfalls, caves, and mangroves beckon visitors in search of adventure and a nature escape. Those looking for a taste of Krabi’s unique southern culture will find it in Krabi Town and its temples, markets, and culinary offerings. Here’s just a sampling of some of the best things to see and do in Krabi and beyond.

1. Railay Beaches and Caves

Railay Beach in Krabi

Found a short boat ride away from Ao Nang Beach, the Railay peninsula is a vision of tropical beauty with white-sand beaches set between towering limestone cliffs. Rock climbing enthusiasts will find their paradise here with numerous routes catering to all skill levels. Among the caves to explore are Diamond Cave and Phra Nang Cave, an eye-catching place filled with phallic offerings to a shrine to the princess goddess, believed to help with fertility. If you prefer to unwind, the soft sands of Phra Nang Beach and West Railay Beach are perfect for relaxing and watching the sunsets. While many visit Railay on a day trip, overnight stays are possible at several hotels and guesthouses on the peninsula, including the spectacular Rayavadee Resort.

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2. Koh Poda

Koh Poda in Krabi

Koh Poda is an uninhabited island of picture-perfect tropical scenery with a tall karst surrounded by powdery white sands and crystal-clear waters. Spend your day soaking up the sun, enjoying some snorkelling and swimming in the warm azure waters, or relaxing in the shade of a palm or pine tree. Koh Poda is a popular destination for island-hopping boat tours, which often include stops at Tup Island, Chicken Island, Railay Beach, and Phra Nang Beach. It’s also possible to arrange a private long-tail boat trip to Koh Poda. While there’s no accommodation on the island, visitors can find drinks and snacks to buy from a beach vendor. Koh Poda is a national park, with an entry fee of 400 baht charged for foreign visitors.

3. Emerald Pool

Emerald Pool in Krabi

Found within Thung Teao Forest Natural Park, Emerald Pool offers a refreshing escape with its emerald-green waters surrounded by lush rainforest. Take a dip in the cool waters, rejuvenating both body and soul amidst the tranquillity of nature. There are two pathways leading to Emerald Pool from the park entrance, one 800 meters in length and the other about 1.4km. Don’t forget to visit the nearby Blue Pool, found about a 15-minute walk away from Emerald Pool, a hidden gem with its striking blue hues caused by the mineral deposits. Emerald Pool is found a little over an hour’s drive away from Ao Nang or Krabi Town. Entry to the park is 400 baht.

4. Koh Hong

Koh Hong Island

Koh Hong, situated between Koh Yao Noi and Krabi in Phang Nga Bay, is a captivating island known for its hidden lagoons, white sands, and picturesque beauty. With two enclosed beaches and steep cliffs reminiscent of Maya Bay on Phi Phi island, it attracts numerous visitors, especially from Krabi. Accessible by longtail boats or speedboats, Koh Hong is part of a national park, requiring an entrance fee. You could easily spend several hours just relaxing and soaking in the sea at Koh Hong, or explore nearby attractions like Koh Lao Lading on a day trip. Visitors can also climb to the Koh Hong Viewpoint for panoramic views. Although it can get busy, Koh Hong is a must-visit destination for its majestic tropical scenery.

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5. Wat Tham Sua (Tiger Cave)

Wat Tham Sua (Tiger Cave)

Wat Tham Seua, also known as the Tiger Cave Temple, is nestled in a jungle setting about 9km north of Krabi Town. The temple grounds feature glittering caves and archaeological treasures, including stone tools and pottery remains. The main attraction is the challenging ascent of over 1,200 steps to the summit, where you can admire panoramic views of the jungle-clad hills and the Andaman Sea. Despite the difficulty, reaching the top offers a rewarding experience amidst the temple’s serene surroundings. Visitors could also join a guided tour to explore the caves and learn about the temple’s history. A good time to visit Wat Tham Seua is early in the morning to enjoy cooler weather and maybe even catch the sunrise.

6. Elephant Sanctuaries

Elephant Sanctuaries in Phuket

Many visitors to Krabi are keen to see elephants, but it’s crucial to research elephant attractions thoroughly to ensure you’re supporting a place that helps rather than harms the jumbo creatures. Try to avoid places offering elephant rides; reputable sanctuaries prioritise elephant welfare, offering spacious environments for observation and gentle interaction. Gain insight into the elephants’ behaviours and personalities from guides who are concerned about their welfare. By visiting an ethical sanctuary, you’ll contribute to the well-being of these magnificent animals while enjoying an unforgettable experience.Check this tour

7. Phi Phi Islands

Plage de Phi Phi

The Phi Phi islands offer more than just partying, boasting spectacular scenery and activities for all. Explore Phi Phi Leh’s cliffs and the famous white sands of Maya Bay, or dive into the clear waters to explore the area’s colourful marine life. The main island Phi Phi Don is a lively place with several accommodation options, restaurants, shops, and bars to explore. Snorkel at Long Beach or relax with a cold drink and watch the sun go down over the bay on Loh Dalam Beach. Hike up into the hills to the viewpoint, wander the coastal paths for some beach hopping, or hire a paddle board or kayak to explore the beautiful coastline. Koh Phi Phi is accessible year-round by speedboat or ferry from the Krabi mainland. Read more

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8. Koh Tup and Koh Mor

Koh Tup and Koh Mor near Krabi

Connected by a sandbar that emerges during low tide, Koh Tup and Koh Mor offer a spectacular island escape. These tiny jungle-clad islands linked by a brilliant white sandbar surrounded by clear turquoise sea waters are truly a photographer’s dream. Relax on the sandy beaches, basking in the sun and enjoying the serene surroundings, try some snorkelling, or walk up to Koh Tup’s hilltop to take in the panoramic views. Joining an island-hopping tour or hiring a long-tail boat from Ao Nang, Railay, Klong Muang, or Nopparat Thara are recommended ways to visit these scenic islands for a day trip. It takes about 30 minutes by boat to reach Koh Tup and Koh Mor from Ao Nang.

9. Klong Thom Hot Springs

Khlong Thom Hot Spring

Klong Thom Hot Springs, found some 70km from Krabi town amidst a rainforest preserve near Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve, offer therapeutic benefits attributed to the spring’s mineral-rich waters. Combined with nearby attractions like the Emerald Pool and Thung Teao Forest Natural Park, visitors can enjoy a nature-filled day. The hot springs, formed by natural thermal water and seawater flow, contain essential minerals beneficial for relaxation and relieving muscle and joint pain. With temperatures ranging from 40-50°C, these springs are believed to alleviate ailments like rheumatism and sciatica. Klong Thom Hot Springs are a tranquil escape for visitors looking to heal their bodies and souls. Don’t forget to wear swimmers and bring a towel to fully enjoy an immersive soak.

10. Krabi Town

Krabi Town is the capital of Krabi province and a destination that is sometimes overlooked by visitors in favour of the area’s spectacular islands and beaches. Yet it has its own charms with riverside strolls, local markets, delicious local food, and budget-friendly accommodations to enjoy. For a good view over the town, climb the steps of Wat Kaew Korawaram and discover the murals inside its striking white temple buildings. Krabi Town’s well-kept parks are great spots to relax and soak up the local atmosphere, while its riverside promenade and night market are lively places to explore. Krabi Town’s pier is a launching point for boats to such sights as the Phi Phi islands and Railay beach. With its strategic location and abundance of attractions, Krabi Town serves as an ideal base for exploring the region.

11. Ao Luk Mangroves

Ao Luk mangroves offer a fantastic kayaking adventure with lush jungle scenery to explore. The mangroves are located within Than Bok Khorani National Park in Krabi, an untouched haven of limestone mountains and jungle found about 50km away from Ao Nang Beach. Navigate through the mangrove mazes, encounter unique rock formations, and cool off in the tranquil Ao Thueak lagoon. Wander through park trails, discover waterfalls, explore the caves, and cool down with a swim in the serene Bok Khorani pond. Many choose to visit Ao Luk mangroves as part of a tour, with a local guide to help paddle through narrow channels and spot the diverse wildlife, but it’s also possible to visit on your own. Foreign visitors are charged a national park entry fee.

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