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What to Do in Phuket

What to Do in Phuket? Phuket is known for its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant nightlife. Some of the most popular attractions on the island include the Big Buddha, Wat Chalong Temple, the old streets of Phuket Town, and the elephant sanctuaries.

Phuket also offers a variety of tours and day trips, such as snorkelling and diving excursions to nearby islands like Phi Phi Island and Similan Island. Visitors can also take a trip to Phang Nga Bay to see the famous James Bond Island and Koh Panyi village on stilts. Other popular activities in Phuket include island hopping tours, cultural tours, and ATV adventures. With so much to see and do, Phuket is a perfect destination for those looking for an unforgettable vacation in Thailand.

All-times popular attractions

There are so many things to see and do in Phuket, we tried here to organize them in easy to browse list. Whether you come with friends, with your kids or with your loved one, we explored and sorted everything we found, with beautiful photos or videos.

Most popular attractions pages

The pages below share the many attractions of Phuket organized by themes and topics, from viewpoints to beach clubs and even rooftops bars and restaurants.

Most popular landmarks in Phuket

Below is a list summarizing some of the most popular landmarks and sites you can discover and visit while in Phuket. The classics always include The Bif Buddha, Chalong Temple, the old Phuket Town, Phang Nga Bay and Phi Phi Island, but there are so many more to explore! If you feel like renting a car or a scooter, you will be able to go from place to place by yourself. If not, the tour agencies in Phuket are well organized and affordable, plus they will always pick you up at your hotel and drop you off after your day trip.

Beaches of Phuket

Since the main reason decided to travel all the way to Phuket is the beaches, you will be pleased to know that we counted more than 46 beaches on the island. Those in the southwest are the most beautiful, but also the business ones, especially between December to March. Luckily, some superb beaches in the north are a lot more quiet, with enough hotels and restaurants to make your holiday perfect. We even found some beaches that remained quiet, not so much because they are secret, but because it requires a bit of effort to reach them, and people are often unwilling to make this effort, but fast to complain when the easy-to-access beaches are too busy!

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Islands near Phuket

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Active Holidays in Phuket

Wingfoiling in Phuket

Wingfoil in Phuket!

Did you know that Phuket offers perfect conditions for learning the fast growing sport of wingfoiling? Rawai offers perfect flat water and the wind averages 10 to 20 knots, providing amazing conditions for all to learn this sport!
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Browse Things to Do in Phuket by Areas

Papazula Phuket Town

Papazula Phuket Town

A cool restaurant with live music in Old Phuket Town Papazula is a popular live music bar and restaurant with ... Read More
Lim Hu Tai Su Shrine in Phuket Town

Lim Hu Tai Su Shrine (Sam Kong Shrine) ⛩️

Sam Kong Shrine in Phuket Town Lim Hu Tai Su is a Chinese Taoist shrine on the north side of ... Read More
Phasom See Cafe, Art Gallery and Restaurant Phuket

Phasom See Art Gallery, Cafe and Restaurant Phuket

An art gallery in a restaurant near Rawai Phasom See is a hard-to-find little cafe, art gallery and restaurant hidden ... Read More
Jui Tui Shrine

Jui Tui Shrine (Kew Ong) ⛩️

Jui Tui Shrine (Kew Ong) is one of the oldest and most important on Phuket Island. It plays a significant ... Read More
Marché Kor Jaan à Phuket Town

Kor Jaan Night Market in Phuket Town

Kor Jaan (Lahd Kor Jaan in Thai) is a new night market set along a canal on Kra Road, in ... Read More
Soi Ta Iad, Phuket Health Street

Soi Ta-iad – Phuket Health Street

Phuket Health Street Soi Ta-iad goes by many names: Soi Taied, Fitness Street, Phuket Health Street or Muay Thai Street ... Read More
Index Living Mall Phuket

Index Living Mall Phuket

A large furniture mall in Phuket Town Index Living Mall is large furniture and home improvement shopping mall on the ... Read More
Khao Rang Hill Viewpoint

Rang Hill Viewpoint in Phuket Town

Khao Rang Hill has always been a viewpoint at the top of a famous hill in Phuket town. It’s not ... Read More
Siam Niramit Phuket Show

Siam Niramit Phuket

Siam Niramit Phuket is a surprising show narrating 700 years of Thailand's history. The stage is immense, and the choreography ... Read More
Expo Phuket Bazaar

Expo Phuket Bazaar

Explore a Local Bazaar in Phuket Town Expo Phuket is a very little-known covered bazaar found in Phuket Town, next ... Read More
The Chartered Bank in Phuket Town

Peranakannitat Museum Phuket Town (Baba Museum)

Phuket Town Baba Museum The Peranakannitat Museum (Baba Museum or Chalermraj Center) just opened its doors in the heart of ... Read More
Super Cheap Phuket

Super Cheap Market Phuket

The cheapest market in Phuket! Super Cheap is quite amazing: you could organize a giant treasure hunt in it. We ... Read More
Chinese Temples and Shrines in Phuket

10 Chinese Shrines in Phuket ⛩️

Phuket Chinese temples and shrines Phuket's Chinese shrines always offer an excellent opportunity for some good photos. There are quite ... Read More
Thai Hua Museum in Phuket Town

Phuket Thai Hua Museum

The Thai Hua Museum on Krabi Road in Phuket Town is a pleasant surprise. We visited it a few years ... Read More
Baan Chinpracha

Chinpracha House Museum (Baan Chinpracha) 🏛️

A house museum in Phuket Town Chinpracha House (Baan Chinpracha) is one of the most beautiful mansions in Phuket, spread ... Read More
Wat Mongkol Nimit

Wat Mongkol Nimit in Phuket Town

Wat Mongkol Nimit Wat Mongkol Nimit or Wat Putta Mongkon might not be the most impressive temple in Phuket but ... Read More
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