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Market Village Phuket in Chalong

Market Village Phuket in Chalong

    Market Village Phuket in Chalong is a small but convenient shopping village located in Chalong, in the south of Phuket, offering a diverse range of goods, food and services.

    Noku Phuket

    Noku Phuket

      Noku Phuket Review Noku Phuket is a very unique luxury resort located in the southern part of Phuket Island, just opposite the much revered Wat… Read More »Noku Phuket

      Sriwara Bistro and Cafe Phuket

      Sriwara Bistro and Cafe Phuket

        Sriwara is a new trendy but casual restaurant located halfway between Phuket Town and Chalong, not far from the famous Wat Chalong, serving excellent Thai food and some Indian-inspired dishes.

        Coconuts Cafe Phuket

        Coconuts Café Phuket

          Coconuts Café is a lovely little bakery and restaurant hidden in a small lane of Chalong, in the south of Phuket Island. The coffee shop is a tiny house on stilts, with a garden surrounded by a vast green natural landscape and immense coconut trees.

          We Cafe Restaurant in Phuket

          We Cafe Chaofa Restaurant

            We Cafe Chaofa is a large restaurant that serves a vast array of international, western and Thai dishes at a very good price, located not far from Wat Chalong.

            Mor Mu Dong Restaurant in Phuket

            Mor Mu Dong Restaurant

              Mor Mu Dong is quite an unusual restaurant in Phuket. If you enjoy eating off the beaten tracks where mostly locals go for a great lunch or dinner, Mor Mu Dong is your place.

              Phuket Seafood Restaurants

              Kan Eang 2 Seafood Restaurant Phuket

                Kan Eang 2 is not the most accessible place to find, but it’s one of Phuket’s best local seafood restaurants. Everyone here knows that there are 2 Kan Eang Seafood restaurants on the island.