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Soi Tiger and Tiger Disco on Bangla Road

Soi Tiger on Bangla Road

Soi Tiger has always been very popular, possibly due to its prime location, fancy design but mostly because of the many sexy girls dancing on bar counters. Located in Soi Bangla, just next to Bangla Shopping Center, Soi Tiger and just above it Tiger Disco are hard to miss with their Flintstones giant cave look.

Inside Soi Tiger

It’s huge and a bit kitsch, but don’t hesitate to explore inside. It’s always fun, loud and very colourful. The sexiest girls are close to the entrance for obvious marketing reasons, but it doesn’t get too bad once you walk inside as it does in other Sois.


Beer bars are probably at the origin of the famous expression ‘Same Same but Different: all bars look the same at first, but once you get to know the place, you probably will get some favourite spot, based on how much attention you will be given or how much you lost at some silly game (not even mentioning the possibility of winning).

penitentiary bar patong

Prices in Soi Tiger are more or less always the same, 90 baht per beer. Girls tend to speak enough English for a bit of fun conversation, and you definitely will get more attention if you are kind enough to offer a lady drink. Try the Penitentiary Bar if you need to start somewhere.

NOTE: a fire sadly destroyed tiger disco on the night of Thursday, August 16, 2012.

New Tiger is now open across the street in a brand new building (see Photos)

Tiger Night Club on Soi Bangla in Patong Beach



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