Soi Dongtan – Patong Beach Nightlife

Soi Dongtan – Patong Beach Nightlife
Soi Dongtan – Patong Beach Nightlife
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Soi Dongtan

Soi Dongtan is now closed and will be replaced by a new Night Market called Patong Beach Market

On Patong beach road, just opposite of ‘la Flora Resort’, you’ll find a not well known night spot called Soi Dongtan. This U-shape Soi, since it doesn’t have as many flashy lights and dancing girls, doesn’t grab the eyes and people often pass by without paying much attention to it.

With its green Leprechaun Statue guarding the entrance, Soi Dongtan is a lane frozen in time. It looks exactly as all Patong nightspots used to look like in the 90’s with those colorful concrete round tables and pinkish neon lights. Maybe twenty bars are sharing the space and with names such as Irish Bar, the place reveals the cosmopolitan origins of its owners. Then the good old classics you probably find in any soi in Bangla: Friends Bar, Freedom Bar, Spider Bar.

Soi Dongtan does not look impressive, but bar staffs are friendly and you’ll find pool tables and other usual bar games, and if you are in the mood for it,  you can get yourself a nice tattoo at Ole Tattoo. I’m not a tattoo fan, but I was impressed with the cleanliness and the place and equipment. Oh if you like cats, you’ll like the place, I don’t know why but there are always a bunch of these friendly felines roaming around.

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