Roxy A Go Go
Roxy A Go Go is one of the three or four best Go Go bars in Patong. The Phuket Go Go bar scene has evolved a lot in the recent years, trying a bit harder than Bangkok to bring some originality, fun and entertainment to customers. So what makes Roxy A Go Go better than most Bars? 

The girls are certainly sexier than in most bars, the staff at the entrance even advertise ‘models from Bangkok’. Well I don’t how much of this is true, but they look pretty enough to me! The shows are more elaborated than some old fashioned bars around, where girls just hang there with little motivation. The attractions are trying to be more ‘sexy’ than ‘weird’, however they do have few ping pong tricks, but that’s not the main theme. If you want weird, you can visit the neighbour Go Go bar ‘Money Night’… you’ll get plenty of weird, but very little of sexy.Roxy A Go Go Bar is made of two levels, each with its own stage. The main room has a very high ceiling and a large circular stage with poles around and most people naturally tend to go down there (watch out for the very slippery floor!) The other room, by the bar, is smaller and so is the stage. But this is a more strategic place: first you can see both shows from there, and second: when not dancing, the girls hang up there, while almost none are in the main room.Prices are normal and fixed, so no surprises, but as usual I would not recommend mixed drinks because you might get a lot more soft drink in it than alcohol.
To get there, from Soi Bangla in Patong, it is the first soi on your right, but next to Seduction Disco.
Roxy A Go Go Patong Beach
Roxy A Go Go

Roxy A Go Go

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