The Mine Bar in Phuket Town

The Mine Bar in Phuket Town
The Mine Bar in Phuket Town
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If you explore the streets of Phuket Town you might walk by an interesting looking place on Dibuk Road called ‘The Mine’. With its rusted rough metal signs and a facade reminding of the old Phuket tin mining era, you might ask yourself if you are looking at a bar, a shop or a pub? It’s actually a bit of each and even more. Originally more of a biker bar, the shop now sales a choice of young clothing and accessories.
It took me a while to step inside as I originally thought The Mine would probably be more of a late evening pub, but as I walked down Dibuk Road to appreciate how nice the street has become since the electric cables where buried I just pushed the door to satisfy my curiosity.
And I was genuinely surprised, it was nothing like I imagined. One wall of the narrow but long room is occupied by a bar counter and the opposite side is a clothing display. Everywhere on the walls or hanging from the ceiling an ecclectic collection of miscellaneous items from the past serves as decoration, to the point that I could not always tell what was for sell and what was part of the design.
At the end of the shop is the owner’s office, with some old fashioned leather seats  and past you’ll find their famous toilets affectionally named ‘The Shit Hole’.
But my surprise didn’t end here, a door on the side opens on the coffee shop next door I visited a while back called ‘Phuket Town Cafe’, which happens to also be decorated in a fun and creative way and strangely also sells clothing. Wait a minute, why does it look so familiar? The owner laughed and said the coffee shop belongs to his wife and her part of the shop specializes in children clothing!
I had the chance to be allowed to visit and get a sneak peek at the rooms upstairs that would become a guesthouse in the near future. The building, typical of old Phuket, has a very small facade but is surprisingly large once inside. the rooms are spacious and painted dark with minimal furniture. The whole place as a huge potential for travelers who want to stay in the old Phuket and immerse in the old Phuket atmosphere, especially the bedroom window opens directly on one of my favourite Sino Portuguese mansion. Even better, you are not far from our favourite Kanom Jeen shop and at very short distance from the now famous Thalang road and many shops selling phuket sweets. Of course the guesthouse isn’t ready but we’ll try to keep posted when it happens.
In the meantime, stop for a beer at the Mine or a cup of coffee at Phuket Town Coffee. The owner is a very friendly host and The Mine funky style fits perfectly in the new generation of shops opening in this new ‘Old Phuket Town’.
The Mine
Dibuk Road, Phuket Town
Tel: 076-355919, 089-8184421
Owner’s office…
…and past it, the famous restrooms
upstairs bedroom
upstairs living room
connected ‘Phuket Town Cafe’
Phuket Town Cafe
It’s not a bathroom, it’s actually a well
the view from the bedroom upstairs
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