Grill Bill Kamala

Grill Bill Kamala – A Great BBQ Restaurant in Phuket

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Grill Bill Kamala

Note: Grill Bill Kamala is permanently closed

Grill Bill Kamala has been serving excellent barbecue meat in Phuket for several years now and if you are a meat lover, you already know that a good steak is not that easy to find. We also know by experience that even expensive and renowned restaurants around the world manage to get it wrong. There is no doubt that the catchy name helped visitors memorising the name of the place. So as always, we decided to go and check what Grill Bill was as good as all the social talk was saying.

Grill Bill Barbecue Kamala

The restaurant is small and tucked in the back of Kamala Beach, so you have to drive slowly to spot it by the side of Rim Hat road. There are a couple of tables outside, a bigger sitting space indoors, plus a bar area. The meat is cooked at the small terrace outside, and as soon as you walk in, you can tell the cook takes his mission seriously.

Grill Bill Barbecue Kamala

We walked inside a warmly lit room, decorated in a cosy, simple way (without reservation) and soon, a smiling waitress invited us to sit down, then handed an easy to browse English menu.

What to Order

The menu had a vast choice of steaks, ribs, chicken & burgers with accompanying sauce, salads and side dishes. We ordered a rib-eye, specifying we wanted it medium-rare. Now that’s the tricky part. Medium rare may mean different things, depending in which country you are ordering it. So this is always the moment of truth in restaurants specialising in meats.

Striploin (250 grs) 750 baht, Rib eye (250 grs) 920 baht, BBQ Lamb chop 950 baht, BBQ pork chops 430 baht, spare ribs 650 baht, Wiener style Schnitzel 350 baht, Monster Grill Bill BBQ Skewer 790 baht,

Soon, our steak arrived. We’ll spare you the suspense: it was great. Medium rare as it should be with just the right amount of salt and a delightful smoky taste. The outside had this little sizzled consistency that adds the final touch.

Side dish and salad were excellent, but we dedicated our entire appetite to the meat itself. To go with the meat, we order a house red wine which was just right, not unnecessarily expensive (wine can be costly in Thailand because of the ludicrous tax).

The bar at Grill Bill Kamala-bar

Overall, Grill Bill was a surprise. It’s not just a fun, catchy name; it really delivers the promised experience of a delicious steak cooked to perfection. The atmosphere is very relaxed, and as the evening went on, customers started to talk to each other, so we stayed a little longer after dinner and shared some drinks with people we met at the restaurant, and what was supposed to be a simple dinner, ended up in a delightful evening.

Grill Bill Kamala Info

Location: Kamala Beach
Address: 75/2 Rim Hat Rd, Tambon Kamala, Amphoe Kathu, Chang Wat Phuket 83120
Open: 5 pm – 10.30 pm
Phone: 083 689 2088
Note: Grill Bill Kamala closes during low season and reopens on August 5.

Grill Bill Kamala Map

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