Phuket Weather in October ☁️🌧️

Phuket Weather in October ☁️🌧️

Is October a good time to visit Phuket? October weather in Phuket is not much different from the weather in September, with a mix of sun and rain. It might not the best month to visit Phuket if you have a choice. However, to be on the positive side, and if you have no choice, this time of the year is the most challenging lucky draw. The rain WILL fall,

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Phuket Weather in September ☁️🌧️

Phuket Weather in September

Is September a good time to visit Phuket? September is usually the wettest month of the year in Phuket. You can expect more rainy days than sunny ones, but as always, you should get a mix of sun and rain. September is not the best month to travel to Phuket if you want that perfect blue sky and quiet blue ocean, so if you can avoid it, pick another month

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Phuket Weather in April ☀️☀️

Phuket weather in April

Is April a good time to visit Phuket? The weather in Phuket In April remains beautiful and clear. The sea is still calm and the weather is as warm as a bath. In April, the temperatures start to seriously raise and can reach some of the highest peaks of the year. If you travelled on a short budget and picked one of the few hostels without air con and just

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Phuket Weather in March ☀️☀️

Phuket weather in March

Is March a good time to visit Phuket? Phuket weather in March gets hotter, sea and weather remain spotlessly blue. Here too, expect the prices to stay high, roads and beaches to be busy. Some rain may appear in short (and welcome) showers, mostly at night. Phuket weather each month of the year [pt_view id="8f08f7cwhs"] Phuket Averages in March Temperatures and rainy days in March [table id=march /] Rain Chart

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Phuket Weather in February ☀️☀️

Phuket weather in February

Is February a good time to visit Phuket? February is still the high season in Phuket and the conditions are perfect. The sky is blue, the sea is calm and clear and the temperature is still comfortable. On the other hand, the most popular beaches can get very busy (Patong, Kata, Nai Harn), so going north to discover the quietest beaches of Phuket is a good idea. As usual, each

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10 Tips for a Great Holiday in the Rainy Season in Phuket

Rainy season in Phuket can be great! [toc] "How does the rainy season look like in Phuket" is the topic of endless discussions and a very stressful decision factor too, so let's look at what we know. Let's start by clearing one important fact: Online weather forecasts can't predict anything, they will display a thunderstorm icon even if it rains for just an hour. 1. What are the seasons in

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Phuket Weather in January ☀️☀️

The hidden Banana Beach in Phuket

Is January a good time to visit Phuket? [toc] Phuket weather in January is usually as perfect as it gets. The sky is spotless, the sea is crystal clear and quiet, and the temperature is perfect, cooler than in other months. This is how everyone imagines what a tropical island should look like. Of course, the best month of the year means that prices will be high, mostly for hotels,

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Phuket Weather in December ☀️☀️

Phuket weather in December

Is December a good time to visit Phuket? [toc] December in Phuket is the first month of the much-awaited high season, and the weather is usually perfect unless it’s an unlucky year (it tends to happen in recent years). Typically, the weather is beautiful, with a magnificent blue sky peppered with tiny white clouds and a cool temperature. 24 C is considered ‘cold’ by locals or those, like us, who

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Phuket Weather in November ☀️☁️🌧️

Phuket Weather in November

How is Phuket's weather in November? [toc] In November, the weather in Phuket starts showing some improvement as it is the last month of the rainy season. On an average year, you can expect a mix of sun and short rains, but the risk of entire days of heavy rain reduces; sunny days are frequent. All tours and day trips operate normally, prices are still on the cheap side, and

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Phuket Weather in August ☀️🌧️


How is the weather in Phuket in August? [toc] Phuket weather in August may see a little more rain than in July since it is the peak of the rainy season. Once again, the rainy season doesn’t mean it will rain every day or all day, visitors will be able to enjoy some sunny days, and the temperature is not more comfortable than in the scorching previous months. The sea

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Phuket Weather in July ☀️🌧️

Phuket Weather in July

How is the weather in Phuket in July? [toc] Phuket weather in July sees more rain than in June. The monsoon, or low season, has definitely started, and you can expect the sea to be rough and the sky to be cloudy. But like in every month of the low season in Thailand, you might get quite a few sunny days. However, one pattern happens every year: the bad luck

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Phuket Weather in June ☀️☁️

Phuket Weather in June

How is the weather in Phuket in June? [toc] Phuket weather in June sees the return of the rains as it is the start of the monsoon, locally called 'the low season.' In recent years, the rainy season tends to arrive late, so you might be lucky in June. Note also that the low season doesn't mean rain every day, there are usually plenty of sunny days, and the rain

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Phuket Weather in May ☀️☀️

Phuket weather in May

Is May a good time to visit Phuket? [toc] May is the last month of the high season in Phuket, and the weather sees a shift from April as the monsoon is approaching. Temperatures and humidity remain very high, so it can be a little uncomfortable if you are not used to it. Fortunately, May sees the first tropical rains arriving (if the climate is not too messed up), and

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▷ Phuket Weather Month by Month ☀️

Phuket Weather Month by Month

Which is the best month to visit Phuket? [toc] What will Phuket weather be on the month I arrive? What is the best month to visit Phuket? These are questions we get very often and some tough ones to answer for several reasons. First, even though there are some expected high and low seasons, there are no guaranteed patterns. Each year, the weather in Phuket is unpredictable, and each month

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Phuket Webcam – Live Cameras on Phuket Island

Phuket Weather Webcam

Our Phuket Webcam allows you to see what the weather is like in Phuket at the moment, and a bird view of Patong beach from a live cam located at the top of the Patong Tower. We hope this is useful to plan your holiday. The Phuket webcam above is courtesy of the Patong Tower Apartment. Patong Beach Weather Webcam - Live streaming NOW! How to plan a holiday

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