Is Phuket Safe?

Is Phuket Safe? 12 Tips for a Safe Holiday in Phuket

Is Phuket safe for tourists? Yes, Phuket is safe, probably safer than most other countries. Of course, the experience might differ for each traveller, but overall, if you follow the common-sense safety rules, you should never have to worry. On this page, we give a few pieces of advice, but … Read more

Phuket Travel and Tips

18 Frequently Asked Questions about Phuket

Tips and Frequently Asked Questions about Phuket Phuket travel – sharing tips, useful travel info, frequently asked questions, things you should know before you go and even more once you arrive in Phuket. These are the little things we gathered that can make a difference during your holiday. There is … Read more

Protected Wildlife Photography

11 Things Not to Do in Phuket

Things Not to Do in Phuket Just like in any country, there are few customs everyone should respect and a few things you should not do in Phuket. Some are petty and casual; some are serious and could lead to real trouble. If you are familiar with Thailand, you probably … Read more

Airport Bus Phuket

Phuket Airport Bus – Bus from Airport to Phuket Town

From Phuket International Airport to Phuket Town only Phuket Airport Bus is easy to identify with its bright orange colour. However, despite its low price, chances are you will not find it very convenient. The bus only goes from Phuket Airport to Phuket Town old terminal, which is far from any of … Read more

What to pack for Phuket

What to pack for Phuket? 10 Tips for a better packing!

What should I pack for Phuket? ‘What should I take to Phuket?’ is a question everyone asks on their first trip, just the way it always is when travelling to any new destination, and Phuket is no different. Can I buy this or that in Phuket? Should I take it … Read more

Travelling to Phuket with Children

17 Tips For Travelling to Phuket with Children

Travelling to Phuket with Young Children Travelling to Phuket with children can be stressful, but it’s actually safe and fun for the whole family. Just in case you are worried, we listed below some useful tips and advice to help you plan in advance as well as to ease your … Read more

Phuket Scams

5 Phuket Scams to Stay Away From

Best Known Scams in Phuket There are a few scams in Phuket, just like in most tourist destinations around the world, and you should be able to recognise them if they ever happen to you. Don’t worry too much: while most are not frequent, they are easy to spot and … Read more

Quick Facts About Phuket

Phuket Info – 10 Facts About Phuket for Beginners

A Few Useful Facts About Phuket If this is your first time in Phuket and need info about the island but are not in the mood to search for hours, we compiled here 10 Quick Facts about Phuket that will summarise some interesting facts. You probably don’t know what to … Read more

Renting a Bike in Phuket

Driving in Phuket – 14 Lifesaving Tips!

How to Drive in Phuket? Driving a bike in Phuket is fun, cheap, convenient but most travellers underestimate the consequences of events going wrong. All it takes is a second and what was so much fun a minute ago turns out to be the nightmare of a lifetime. This page … Read more