The Siam Supper Club Phuket Restaurant

Siam Supper Club Phuket

Siam Supper Club Restaurant [toc] The Siam Supper Club is a long-established cosy restaurant near Bangtao Beach, on the west coast of Phuket. The restaurant is mostly a steakhouse that also serves an excellent choice of European comfort food. As you enter the restaurant, the warm interior mostly made of varnished wood may look a little intimidating. Still, the atmosphere is very casual and easy-going, and the prices are surprisingly

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Karlsson’s Restaurant and Steakhouse in Patong

Karlsson's Steakhouse Phuket

Karlsson's Steakhouse in Patong [toc] It might be strange to recommend a steakhouse to travellers coming a long way to Thailand, but there comes a time when we crave a good old fashioned steak. It probably happens to some of you during your holiday in Phuket, especially if you are not so 'hot about spicy food', a little meat break might be welcome. In more than 20 years spent in

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EAT Bar & Grill Phuket Restaurant Karon

Eat Bar & Grill Phuket Restaurant Karon

EAT Bar & Grill Restaurant Karon [toc] EAT Bar & Grill Phuket Restaurant is a tiny place on the second street of Karon beach. Thankfully, many people talk about the restaurant, otherwise, you probably would drive past it a dozen times without noticing it. People do talk a lot about it on Trip Advisor, but Trip Advisor rankings usually don't mean much to us when it comes to food. But

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