Baan Ar Jor Museum Homestay near Mai Khao Beach

Baan Ar Jor Phuket Museum Homestay

Baan Ar Jor Heritage Hotel in Phuket Baan Ar Jor is a hotel, a restaurant and a museum with a long history that started in 1936. This house has always been one of the most mysterious old mansions of Phuket, standing lonely near Mai Khao Beach in the north of Phuket. Unlike other mansions mostly found in town, Baan Ar … Read more

Phuket Selfie Spots

10 Best Selfies Spots in Phuket for your Instagram!

Where to take the best selfies in Phuket? Photography has become fully part of holidays, and the young generation of travellers is always searching for the best selfies spots in Phuket. Local restaurants, businesses and beaches are taking full advantage of this trend by adding a lot of ‘special features’ to the natural beauty of the island. Of course, as … Read more

Phuket Photos

Phuket Photos 🏝️ A Unique Collection of Photos of Phuket

Phuket Photos Our Phuket photos share some favourite pictures taken during our many years of explorations around the island and beyond. Here you can discover what Phuket looks like when the weather is nice, by day and by night: white sandy beaches, tropical islands, and the jaw-dropping landscapes of Phang Nga. We also share the many things you can see … Read more

Thalang Road in old Phuket Town

Thalang Road in Old Phuket Town – A Walking Guide

Exploring Thalang Road Thalang Road is the most famous street in the historic part of Old Phuket Town. The municipality and owners managed to revive most of the old Sino-Portuguese shophouses and buried the ugly cables Thailand is so famous for. Thalang has become selfie heaven. The street is lined with small cafes, traditional or fashionable boutiques and a few … Read more

Andaman Sky Lounge in Phuket

Andaman Sky Lounge Patong Beach

A rooftop on the 19th floor in Patong Andaman Sky Lounge is one of the least known rooftop bars and restaurants in Phuket. It’s relatively easy to find this place in Patong Beach, but it took us a while to review it. The bar is on the 19th floor of the Andaman Beach Suite and can accommodate between 30 to … Read more

Ma Doo Bua Phuket – a new selfie playground in Phuket

A selfie dedicated restaurant in Phuket Ma Doo Bua Phuket is a new cafe and restaurant whose sole purpose is to provide an irresistible background to the new generation of selfie lovers. The main catch is an artificial lake cover with those unusual giant circular floating leaves called Victoria Amazonica, a species of flowering plant, the largest of the Nymphaeaceae … Read more

Splash Beach Club Phuket

Splash Beach Club near Patong

Splash Beach Club Splash Beach Club is a new spot hidden in a tiny creek not far from Patong Beach, between the beautiful Tri Trang and Paradise beach. The club doesn’t sit on a vast sandy beach like most other beach clubs of Phuket and doesn’t play loud music (yet), but it certainly has a unique charm. The view of … Read more

Plane Spotting in Phuket

Phuket Plane Spotting – Where to See Planes Landing in Phuket?

Where to watch planes landing in Phuket? Plane spotting in Phuket just moved to our list of 27 things to do in Phuket. Watching planes landing in Phuket has become a top-rated attraction in recent years. It’s easy, fun, super impressive and with such a beautiful beach as a background, it is an excellent photo playground. So where is it? How … Read more

Samet Nangshe Viewpoint

Samet Nangshe Viewpoint

How to get to Samet Nangshe? Samet Nangshe is a superb panoramic viewpoint in Phang Nga Bay. It’s a little far outside Phuket island, but if you have a car or a big bike, it is worth the drive. From up there, you can admire the fantastic limestone formations of Phang Nga Bay, but it requires a good deal of effort. … Read more

Nui Beach in Phuket, Thailand

Nui Beach – Another Secret Beach of Phuket

What is Nui Beach? UPDATE July 2020: Nui Beach has been permanently closed and all construction are in the process of being demolished. Nui Beach is an unusual beach in Phuket. It’s not the most magnificent beach as sand is quite coarse, but people seem to love secret and hidden beaches. The hardest they are to find, the more travellers … Read more