Peang Prai Restaurant near Bang Pae Waterfall in Phuket

Piang Prai Restaurant

Peang Prai Restaurant Phuket [toc] Peang Prai (Krua Piang Prai) is an excellent hidden local restaurant hidden in a green nest just next to Bang Pae waterfall. Mostly unknown to tourists because of its remote location, Peang Prai is one of the two great places to have lunch if you happen to be in the area (the other restaurant being Bang Pae Seafood.) Peang Prai is good; it's worth travelling

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Baan Ar Jor Phuket Museum Homestay

Baan Ar Jor Museum Homestay near Mai Khao Beach

Baan Ar Jor Heritage Hotel in Phuket [toc] Baan Ar Jor is a hotel, a restaurant and a museum with a long history that started in 1936. This house has always been one of the most mysterious old mansions of Phuket, standing lonely near Mai Khao Beach in the north of Phuket. Unlike other mansions mostly found in town, Baan Ar Jor is isolated away from any village and very

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Phuket Floating Seafood Restaurant – Kruvit Raft

Phuket Floating Restaurant

Phuket Floating Restaurant at Laem Hin Pier [toc] Phuket floating restaurant 'Kruvit Raft' is one of the most original ways to enjoy dinner when you get tired of your 'Same Same but Different' Thai food restaurant. Try this unusual but popular place known as 'Kra Chang' ('fishing basket'), an assemblage of several restaurants floating between Phuket Island east coast and Maphrao Island. in 2021, Kru Suwit Seafood Raft was added

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