Lock Tien Food Court in Phuket Town

Lock Tien Foodcourt Phuket

Try real Phuket food at Lock Tien Food Court [toc] Lock Tien food court in Phuket Town is a place every person living in Phuket long enough knows. It doesn’t look like much but with 50 years old history, it’s probably the oldest food court on the island. What really matters is that Lock Tien serves some real Phuket specialities. The location at the intersection of Dibuk and Yaowarat roads

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Pak Nam Seafood Restaurant in Phuket Town

Pak Nam Seafood Restaurant Phuket

Pak Nam Seafood Pak Nam Seafood received a 'Michelin Plate' rating from the new Michelin Guide for Phuket. 'Michelin Plate is a sign of excellent food.’ [toc] Pak Nam Seafood in Phuket Town is a great Thai restaurant located off the tourist areas. Locals and residents know Pak Nam restaurant very well and like to bring their friends for a casual lunch or dinner. It's a great venue if you

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Nam Yoi Restaurant in Phuket Town

Nam Yoi Restaurant Phuket

Nam Yoi Restaurant [toc] Nam Yoi is a very discreet restaurant in a remote street in Phuket town. It is difficult to find but worth the effort as they serve excellent local Thai cuisine. The setting is basic, the price is very cheap and the food is really good, so good that you will often spot there the local crowd who love and write about Thai food on social media.

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