After Beach Bar Phuket

After Beach Bar Kata Noi Beach

A sunset bar in Kata Noi beach [toc] After Beach Bar is a very popular Thai restaurant on a cliffside just passed Kata Noi Beach, on the way to Nai Harn Beach. Seen from the road, it might look rather modest with its low thatched roofs and reggae atmosphere, but it offers one of the most beautiful panoramas on the island and a superb view on the pristine blue bay

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The Shore at Katathani Phuket on Kata Noi Beach

The Shore at Katathani

A Weekend at The Shore in Phuket [toc] The Shore at Katathani is one of the most exclusive and romantic hotels on Phuket, probably one of our best experience on the island. The hotel combines all the ingredients effortlessly for a perfect escape: a location right on a beach, pool villas with jaw-dropping views, genuinely caring staff, an excellent restaurant, a good spa and countless small details that make the

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Katathani Phuket Beach Resort on Kata Noi Beach

Katathani Phuket Beach Resort

Katathani Resort Phuket [toc] Katathani Phuket Beach Resort is a great and affordable hotel located on Kata Noi, one of the most beautiful beaches in the south of Phuket. Built along a 450 meters sandy beach, this large but very well designed hotel can afford to offer a surprisingly large amount of rooms with real sea views. The Location Katathani Phuket Beach Resort location makes it a great base to

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Baan Chom View Restaurant Phuket

Baan Chom View Phuket

Baan Chom View Restaurant [toc] Baan Chom View is one of the popular Thai restaurants hanging high above the beautiful beach of Kata Noi in the south of Phuket. This group of restaurants mostly built on stilts have always been very popular for their unique location with panoramic sunset view from immense wood terrace. This group of restaurants are built on the busy road side connecting Kata Beach to Nai

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Kata Rocks – An Amazing Resort on Kata Beach

Kata Rocks

Kata Rocks [toc] Kata Rocks is changing the face of luxury accommodation in Phuket: more than just a hotel stay, it's an unforgettable holiday experience. The hotel is on a hill at the south end of the superb Kata Beach, and from up there every Sky Villa offers fantastic views on the Andaman Sea. Kata Rocks is so beautifully designed it's a real photo playground, especially the famous umbrellas in

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Surf House Phuket – Kata Beach

Surf House Kata Beach Phuket

Surf an Artificial Wave in Kata Beach [toc] Surf House Phuket is an artificial wave sport in Kata Beach, the perfect way to learn the basics of surfing, wakeboarding or even kiteboarding without all the usual effort and often pain associated with extreme sports. Here anyone can give it a try in just a couple of minutes and depending on your experience and natural balance, you will be surprised how

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Dino Park Mini Golf in Kata Beach, Phuket

Dino Park Mini Golf

What is Dino Park? [toc] Dino Park in Kata Beach has been opened for many years and is still a favourite spot for families and friends for some easygoing fun and competition after dinner. The golf course is a mix of Jurassic Park and Flintstones designs and was an instant hit from day one. Obviously, dinosaurs never get out of fashion. Dino Park is just near Kata centre main intersection,

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Photos of Kata Beach- Kata Beach Photo Gallery

Photos of Kata Beach

Photos of Kata Beach These photos of Kata Beach may help you decide if this is the right place for you to stay in Phuket. Kata Beach is probably the second most popular beach with the right amount of dining, shopping and nightlife, a good range of hotels and a good balance of everything to please families. [gallery type="rectangular" link="file" size="large" ids="10410,6291,5836,5659,10470,10471,10476,10479,10480,10481,10482,10483,10485,10486,10487,10488,10489,10494,10497,10500,10501,10502,10506,10508,10509,10510,10517,10519" orderby="rand"] Kata Beach Map

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Kampong Kata Hill Restaurant

Kampong Kata Hill

Kampong Kata Hill Phuket [toc] Kampong Kata Hill is a bit touristy with mixed reviews, but if you travelled that far to discover Asia and you are looking for more than 'just food' while remaining within an acceptable budget, this restaurant might surprise you. You would easily walk by without noticing it from the bottom of the hill and surely would not realize how special it is. Kampong, a well-established

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Mom Tri’s Kitchen Phuket and Mom Tri’s Villa Royale

Mom Tri's Villa Royale

Mom Tri's Kitchen Phuket [toc] Mom Tri's Villa Royale is not just your regular hotel. It was the private house of Mom Luang Tridhosyuth Devakul, a famous artist and architect better known in Thailand as 'Mom Tri', a descendant of a King Mongkut Rama IV. More than two decades ago, Mom Tri converted his summer house into this surprising boutique hotel built on a rocky hillside overlooking the beautiful waters

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Aspasia Phuket

Aspasia Phuket Aspasia Phuket Resort is a green oasis hidden above the fast developing Kata Beach. With a unique location on a hillside overlooking the north end of Kata Beach, Aspasia Phuket benefits from a very quiet surrounding and a superb panoramic view of the bay. Designed with earth and nature in mind, the hotel displays ocher and green walls of Mayan inspiration and what strikes most visitors is the

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The Boathouse Kata Beach

The Boathouse Kata Beach

The Boathouse Kata Beach The boathouse in Kata Beach has been a culinary landmark in Phuket for more than two decades. The location is fantastic, the food and wine exceptional, but the time had come to bring this restaurant to new fresh trendy life. The Boathouse has been entirely redesigned in a white bright design.  Serving French and Thai Cuisine, the place feels trendy with a sober elegance and does

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