Songkran Festival 2019 in Phuket – April 13 to 15

Songkran Festival Phuket

What is the Songkran Festival? [toc] Songkran in Phuket happens between April 13 to 15, 2019 (dates vary depending on the regions of Thailand). So, what is this Songkran Festival everyone is talking about lately? [caption id="attachment_20214" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Songkran Festival Phuket[/caption] If you choose to come to Phuket or Thailand in April, you'd better know what all this is about. Songkran is the Thai New Year, and it occurs

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12 Best Restaurants in Phuket – Phuket 101 Choice

Phuket Best Restaurants

What Are Phuket Best Restaurants? [toc] The list of the Best Restaurants in Phuket list is growing fast, especially since the Michelin Guide has arrived on the island. Phuket culinary scene has evolved a lot in recent years, and the choice of restaurants has grown tremendously. Having amazing restaurants in Phuket happened naturally for a few reasons: 1) Thailand is naturally blessed with fantastic cuisine, able to offer something great

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40 Amazing Phuket beaches and how busy are they?

Phuket Beaches

A List of All the Beaches of Phuket [toc] There are no less than 40 beaches now on our list! A few are crowded, a lot are quiet, some are hidden, and some are still secret. There are so many beautiful beaches where you can walk alone for kilometres, even during high season. Here is our updated list of Beaches by alphabetical order. Some are easy to find; some are

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Villa Market Phuket ▷ Ordering Online and Supermarkets Around Phuket

Villa Market Phuket

Villa Market Around Phuket Island [toc] Villa Market is a brand well-known for their impressive range of high-quality products and imported goods. They have been in Thailand for a very long time (since 1973) and opened the first Phuket branch about ten years ago in Chalong. Recently two more supermarkets were added in Boat Avenue at Laguna Phuket, and Boat Lagoon on the east coast of Phuket. We have been long-time

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Sabai Corner Restaurant Phuket – Kata Noi Beach

Sabai Corner Restaurant

A Hidden Thai Restaurant in Phuket [toc] Sabai Corner is a beautiful Thai restaurant really well hidden in Phuket, not far from Kata Noi Beach. Only the few dedicated travellers will find it or make the effort to find it. The food is good without being exceptional, but you will get a lot of satisfaction just to find it and discover the magnificent panoramic view on the nearby sea. [caption

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15 Great Romantic Restaurants in Phuket (Updated)

Phuket Most Romantic Restaurants

Where Are Phuket Most Romantic Restaurants? [toc] There are many romantic restaurants in Phuket to celebrate Valentine's Day in style and to compile the list of the best; we had to try a lot more than 15! Here is probably the most expensive page we ever wrote, but it sure was fun and sweet! Those restaurants were among the best dining experiences we ever had in Phuket. Keep in mind

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Burasari Phuket in Patong Beach

Burasari Phuket

Burasari Phuket [toc]Burasari Phuket has always been a popular hotel, with great features for travellers looking for a really convenient accommodation in Patong Beach. While Burasari doesn’t come with sea view or beach front access, it clearly offers the right balance and great value for money, and the long popularity for this hotel confirms it. We stayed there for a weekend and tried as many things as possible. We came

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Naughty Nuri’s Phuket Restaurant in Patong Beach

Naughty Nuri Phuket Restaurant

The Best Ribs in Phuket and Beyond! We went to Naughty Nuri's Phuket Restaurant in Patong Beach the other day, and we had a great time. Naughty Nuri's is famous for their Nuri's signature ribs and piglet (Babi Guling a la Nuri's). Officially it's called 'Naughty Nuri’s In The Forest', which is strange since it's right in Patong beach, but there is probably a good reason for that name. Oh

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1st Time in Phuket ? 26 Things You Should See, Do, Eat, Know and Enjoy!

First Time in Phuket

What to See, Do and Eat in Phuket? [toc] Many readers coming to Phuket for the first time send questions daily: This is my first time in Phuket, what should I really see and do? Of course, since everyone is different, there are many answers, but with years of experience answering the same anxious questions we came up with a list of answers. These may not be our (or your)

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