How many days do you need for a great stay in Phuket?

How many days should I stay in Phuket? How many days are enough to visit Phuket? This is a question we receive very often, mostly from first-time visitors. As you can expect, there is no easy answer because everyone has different lengths of annual leaves, different budgets or live at … Read more

Phuket Art Village in Rawai

Phuket Art Village – Art Gallery and Community in Rawai

Phuket Art Village Phuket Art Village is a small art gallery and artist community hidden at the end of a small lane, on the way to Rawai Beach, in the south of Phuket Island. The place is surprising and fun to explore, consisting of several little galleries, each with its … Read more

A weekend in Chiang Mai

3 Days in Chiang Mai – Easy Things to Do in Chiang Mai

Great Things to Do in Chiang Mai on a Weekend Chiang Mai is great for long holidays, but if you only have three days, you can actually see quite a lot and enjoy a lot too. The city centre and surroundings have enough to offer in terms of temples, restaurants, … Read more

B Cat Cafe in Phuket Town

B Cat Cafe in Phuket Town

A Cat Cafe in Old Phuket Town B Cat Cafe Phuket is a fun place where every cat lovers can sit and play with 15 to 17 furry and fluffy felines while enjoying a cake and a drink. The location on Thepkasattri Road, just next to the old historical street … Read more

Free Things to Do in Phuket

11 Free Things to Do in Phuket

What to do in Phuket for free? Are there any interesting free things to do in Phuket? It may sound like a strange question, but Phuket is well-known to be the most expensive destination in Thailand. If the flight ticket and the hotel used most of your budget, there are … Read more

Diving in Phuket

Diving in Phuket 🤿 How good is it?

How is scuba diving in Phuket? Curious about scuba diving in Phuket? Here we address mostly to those who haven’t yet experienced this fantastic activity but have been somehow considering the idea of diving. There are only two kinds of people coming to Phuket: those who dive and those who … Read more

Dibuk Road in Old Phuket Town

Dibuk Road in Phuket Town – a Walking Guide

Exploring Dibuk Road Dibuk Road is one of the famous old streets of Phuket town you should add to your list while exploring. It’s very colourful and easy to find, with plenty of casual cafes, shops and restaurants to enjoy. Dibuk road is parallel and not far from the famous … Read more

Chalong Bay Rum Distillery

Chalong Bay Rum Distillery

A tour of the Chalong Bay Rum Distillery The Chalong Bay Rum Distillery has become a brand known the world around, but it started very modestly around 2012, in a remote area of Phuket called Chalong. The success of this rum comes from many aspects: the unique quality of the … Read more

What to Do in Phuket with Kids and family activities in Phuket

20 Best Things to Do in Phuket with Kids and Family

Family Things to Do in Phuket There are so many fun things to do in Phuket with kids and the whole family. Of course, you could spend your entire holiday on the beach and in the sea with your children, but it would be such a waste not to add … Read more

Best Yoga Studios in Phuket

11 Best Yoga Studios and Yoga Classes in Phuket

Where to Find Yoga Classes in Phuket? Phuket has a growing number of yoga studios and classes that can help heal your body and mind while you’re on holiday. You can find yoga classes at many Phuket resorts, but if you’re in search of a specific style or method of … Read more

Tree Tops Elephant Reserve Phuket

Tree Tops Elephant Reserve Phuket

A truly ethical elephant sanctuary Tree Tops Elephant Reserve Phuket is a truly ethical elephant sanctuary. It might come to you as a surprise, but not all ‘sanctuaries’ are actually ethical. The growing number of travellers who love and respect elephants are wondering what is going on with all the … Read more

Celebrity Ink tattoo studio in Phuket, Patong Beach

Celebrity Ink™️ Tattoo Studio in Phuket, Patong Beach

Who is Celebrity Ink™️? (Advertorial) Celebrity Ink™️ began as a small tattoo studio in Phuket in May 2013 with just two artists and is now one of the most famous and best-known Tattoo Studios in the world. They have grown to become a global brand name with a team of … Read more

Phuket Best Dive Centers

Best Dive Centers in Phuket – Diving in Phuket

Phuket Best Dive Clubs What are the Best Dive Shops in Phuket? Based on many readers recommendations and the many years we spent on the island working with local dive shops, we compiled here a list of reputable dive centres located all around the island. They all offer an amazing … Read more

Water Parks in Phuket

Phuket Water Parks

Where are the water parks in Phuket? Phuket has a few water parks to spend a day of fun, whether you want to laze around on a giant floating doughnut or slide down a 45-degree wet slope and get propelled 10 in the air. It’s a great day for the … Read more

Blue Tree Phuket Water Park

Blue Tree Phuket Water Park

The largest water park in Phuket Blue Tree Phuket water park is a new and immense playground designed for adults and kids to spend a day of fun in the warm waters of a tropical island. With its multicolour and brightly decorated building, the park is easy to spot on … Read more

Muay Thai Camps in Phuket

10 Best Muay Thai Camps in Phuket

What Are the Best Muay Thai Gyms in Phuket? Several Muay Thai training camps have opened in Phuket, with thousands of people now arriving to the island every year to learn this ancient martial art form and get fit while enjoying some beach time. Muay Thai kickboxing has been practised … Read more

Water Sports in Phuket

9 Best Water Sports in Phuket

What Water Activities Can You Do in Phuket? There are a lot of water activities in Phuket to add some action to your holiday. The range goes from easy stuff like parasailing, all the way to real action sports like surfing and wakeboarding. Surf is only popular during the rainy … Read more

Phuket Aquaria at Central Floresta

Aquaria Phuket at Central Floresta – Phuket New Aquarium

How is Phuket Town new aquarium? Aquaria Phuket is a new attraction in Phuket town, on the lower floor of the immense Central Floresta, (part of Central Festival). The place covers a large surface, and it is advertised as the largest aquarium in Thailand, with 25,000 animals and 300 species, … Read more

Things to Do in Phuket for Girls

13 Things to Do in Phuket for Girls

Girls Travel in Phuket Who said Phuket was an island for guys? That’s just the collective accepted mindset, but Phuket is full of great things to do for girls. Our 19 Best Things to Do in Phuket didn’t quite match, so here’s Faa’s list of things she likes to do. … Read more