Terminal 21 Shopping Mall


Terminal 21 in Bangkok is like no other shopping mall I ever saw before. It is a fun place to visit when in Bangkok, even if you don’t plan to buy anything. Designed like an airport departure hall, escalators and boarding gates take you to nine different destinations in no time: Caribbean, Rome, Paris, Istanbul, Tokyo, London, San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles.

Each floor of Terminal 21 designed around a nine famous city themes, shopfronts and alleys are decorated in each city style and even shop names sound like foreign languages but you still can read them all. The entire building is huge. The central area is vast and buzzing with activity, people seem to spend most of their time taking each other’s photo in front of a red London bus, a pair of wrestling Sumos of the favorite and most eye catching display: the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco. The name Terminal 21 comes from the location on Sukhumvit 21.

Just to set the atmosphere, the lower floor takes you to the Caribean with the huge red and white lighthouse. From the BTS access, you will enter the building directly into Rome with Vespas, marble statues and plaza fountains then reach Paris on the second floor with all the French sounding names and the Metropolitan Art Deco roofs. The next level, you are transported in London with the unmistakable double decker red bus and an underground train line bigger than real. Some shops are actually inside both bus and the train.
Third floor, you travel to Istanbul city with hundreds of colorful glass lanterns and oriental looking shops and roofs.
Above it is the Japan, with a very convincing little streets of Tokyo, with suspended paper lanterns and small restaurants curtains at the door. More accessories, fun looking decorations and gadgets can be found around this floor, so typical of Japanese Kawaii culture.
Most of the shops at Terminal 21 seem to address to the young adults and teenagers, but nevertheless, with such amount of boutiques there is enough to keep you entertained for hours. The central area, where a massive 36 meters escalator takes you directly to the top level, is home to larger shops but architects and designers created on each floor little mazes of streets with tiny boutiques were the ambiance is really well rendered. No big brands here, but an amazing amount of original creations.
And of course what would be a shopping center without the most important attraction: the food! San Francisco on the fifth floor is where you will find many small restaurants. Nothing very sophisticated, but it is part of the fun, and you can choose among many small venues, mostly all part of big franchises. Curry seems to be the most popular dish with Coco Ichibanya and Konaya Curry Udon. If you come at lunch or dinnertime, get ready to queue.

Top floor, you know you are in Hollywood when you recognize the golden Oscar statue, and it is obviously where you will find the SFX cinemas.

Overall, Terminal 21 is an great experience in itself, with an incredible amount of details and no shortage of fun and creativity, Terminal 21 should be on your list of things to do even on a short visit to Bangkok. Don’t miss the Japanese style toilets with heated seats and bidet sprinkler!

How to Get to Terminal 21

Terminal 21 is very easy to reach with a direct BTS (Asoke) and MRT (Sukhumvit) stations, and just across the famous Soi Cowboy.


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