Chatuchak Weekend Market Bangkok

Chatuchak Market Bangkok

What to buy at Chatuchak Market? [toc] Chatuchak Weekend Market, one of Bangkok's landmarks, is on almost every tourist list of Must-Do in Bangkok. This is probably one of the largest markets in the worlds, a supposedly organized maze covering 27 acres, containing around 15,000 shops. It is simply humongous, monumental, gargantuan, but ultimately, it's fun. On your first visit, you probably will have no idea what you are about

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Klong Suan Roi Pee Market (Klong Suan Market)

Klong Suan Roi Pee Market

Klong Suan Market [toc] Klong Suan 100 Year Market or Klong Suan Roi Pee Market has gained well-deserved fame for keeping what many many other floating markets have lost to mass-tourism: its authenticity. Despite being quite crowded on weekends, the market has retained the charm of a bygone era, and even though the first signs of change start to emerge, each shop still seems to be frozen in time. It

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Or Tor Kor Market near Chatuchak

Or Tor Kor Market Bangkok

Or Tor Kor Market [toc] 'Or Tor Kor Market' is a unique fresh market you should visit if you happen to visit the famous Chatuchak Market, which is just across the road. Or Tor Kor is not your everyday local market and it's not so much about how nice, clean and well organized the place is, but about the very high quality of the products sold here. Only the top

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