10 Best Shopping Malls in Bangkok

Bangkok Shopping Malls

Bangkok Shopping Malls Madness! The amount of shopping malls in Bangkok is staggering! Here we listed the 10 most popular and centrally located, but there are a lot, lot more on the outskirts of Bangkok. Most travellers visiting Bangkok wonder why are there so many of them, but you have to be living in Thailand long enough to understand than a mall is not just a shopping place, it's a

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23 Best Rooftop Bars in Bangkok

Best Rooftop Bars in Bangkok

What is Bangkok Best Rooftop Bars? [toc] Bangkok Best Rooftop Bars list keeps getting longer, and no other city in the world can pretend to have more rooftops and sky bars than we do here. At this time, we count more than 20 'real' rooftop bars and restaurants and a good dozen alternate ones. By real rooftop bar, we mean built at the top of a building with an open

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