Bangkok Royal Thai Air Force Museum

Bangkok Royal Thai Air Force Museum might not be the most visited or the most cultural one, but it was definitely the most fun for me. For a very long time since living in Thailand I wanted to know how big the collection was, and my expectations were rather low. I was actually happily surprised to find about forty airplanes on display, some dating from the very beginning of Thai Air Force history. It really retraces the whole history of human flying, from the old biplanes to the post war jets.

Some planes are displayed outsides and few inside, in different state of condition, but overall quite a well maintained collection. Mono propellers from second world war always look a lot bigger in real than you would expect, and jets always looks like oversized boy’s toys.

Some of the biplanes are kept in mint condition, just like they would just be ready to fly: the rare Vought Corsair V-93S and the last Curtiss Hawk III.

Second world war and pacific war era: Douglas AD-1 Skyraider, Grumman F-8F Bearcat, Fairey Firefly, Curtiss Hawk 75, North American T-28.

Most impressive among the first jets was the Lockheed RT-33A (since my own dad flew this one, I always liked it) but also the North American F-86L, Republic F-84G Thunder Jet, and cold war jets Northrop F-5A Freedom Fighter.

Sadly, the whole helicopter section was closed that day.

Overall if you are just a grown up boy like me and you have time and transportation, it is a always an impressive thing to see these monster metal machine still standing proud. I’m not a real fan so if I got some of the name wrong, don’t hesitate to let me know!

The Museum is located behind the domestic Don Muang Airport on 171 Paholyothin Road.
Open daily from 9am until 4pm except holidays. Free entry.

Curtiss Hawk III (the last one)Republic F-84G Thunder JetNorth American F-86LNorth American F-86L

North American F-86L
North American T-28
Beech 18 (Beechcraft model 18)
Percival Prince IIIA
Fairey Firefly
Douglas AD-1 Skyraider
Grumman F-8F Bearcat
Lockheed T33A
North American AT-6 Texan
Curtiss SB2C-5 Hell Diver

Royal Thai Air Force Museum