Soi Seadragon – HOT Bangla Road – Phuket Nightlife

Soi Seadragon – HOT Bangla Road – Phuket Nightlife
Soi Seadragon – HOT Bangla Road – Phuket Nightlife
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Soi Seadragon

Soi Seadragon got a major face lift and is no longer this dark old fashioned alley that reminded a bit of Patpong in Bangkok. Now with two levels, a centrally located DJ booth and some pretty flashy light effects, it looks more like an oversize club. Located in the center of Soi Bangla, Soi Seadragon is bright, spacey, colorful and fun. Most of the bars and Go Go Bars on each side got renovated as well, some only got a front redesign, some a full refit.

Soi Seadragon

What is in Soi Sea Dragon?

Overall, it is still the same concept: the center part is occupied by beer bars with their multicolored shelves with plenty of loud funny girls trying to catch you before someone else does. Some of these bars have been around for long time such as Butterfly Bar, Sydney Bar and of course Seadragon Bar at the corner overlooking Bangla road (nice view from there). Don’t hesitate to take a break, play few ‘Jenga’ or ‘Connect Four’ games before entering the more serious part of Patong nightlife. Girls will let you win few games and once you are full of self confidence and beer, she probably will ask you to bet her drink on the next games. Chances are you will lose. It’s all fun play and not very expensive, so have fun.

Just a note though: don’t ring that bell hanging above your head, because if you do, you’ll get a big run of applause for having just paid a round of drink to everyone around your bar, including the staff…. something like a 1,000 baht. Now if you feel generous, don’t hesitate, you’ll be a star for few minutes. Second floor are mostly unoccupied so it’s your chance to get a good view… go up there with your camera and enjoy Patong ‘Night Safari’.

Then it is time to discover what you really came for:

What is really going on inside a Go Go Bar? It will depend a lot on which one you pick.


Go Go Bars in Soi Seadragon

From right to left as you walk in:

On the opposite Side :

  • Play School a Go Go
  • Harem (formerly Candy Club)
  • Foxy Lady (formerly OMG a Go Go, formerly XTC, formerly Playboy)
  • Exotica


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