Ao Yon Beach

Ao Yon Beach
Ao Yon Beach
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Ao Yon Beach

Ao Yon Beach – As surprising as it may seem, there are still many quiet and remote beaches in Phuket to have a lonely walk and only meet locals and few long time residents. Ao Yon Beach is one of them. Of course these little beaches are far and often hidden, you need to make a bit of effort to find them. Among them are Ao Yon Beach and Panwa Beach in the south, Banana Beach or even Naithon and Haad Sai Keow in the north.

Ao Yon Beach is so out of the way and far from the road, you could drive nearby ten times without noticing its entrance. Located between Panwa beach (past the Novotel Panwa resort) and Cape Panwa, it is not even indicated but few ‘restaurants’ signs and an old yellow giraffe sculpture might give you a hint.

You will have to park on the main road as local residents won’t allow the use of the way down to park, but it is not often crowded except on some week end when the locals practice the ‘dragon boat’ race.While quite long and nice, the beach is only partially maintained and each end still has the typical piles of junks found on places not often visited by tourists. However, in its center part it is a beautiful tropical setting with tall palm trees, a small restaurant or two and a bamboo massage hut.


If you were looking for a quiet place still retaining the good old original local feel, you might like Ao Yon.On occasional week ends, pretty impressive ‘Dragon Boats’ teams practice their synchronized rowing and it suddenly becomes very lively, not something you see everyday.

Once you had lunch and your beach massage done, you can rent a longtail to go to a nearby island such as Koh Kai (which I’m still supposed to write about) or you can drive a bit further to discover a small waterfall, or the beautiful Panwa View Point (Khao Kad Tower) then continue to the Panwa Aquarium.


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