Inside Go Go Bars - What really happens in there?

Go Go Bars in Patong
The concept of Go Go Bars in Soi Bangla varies a little in each place, but basically always rotates around few common features,  so what really happens in there?

A center elevated stage or two, surrounded by stools and accessorized with few stainless poles. Sofas and small tables are lined up around the room, sometimes on two levels and loud music will be played with flashing colorful lights.

Few girls permanently dance in a minimalist attire with more or less conviction depending how late it is and how popular the place is. It usually is pretty quiet before 10pm but later the place will warm up a little as customers start to flow in and in most places show will start.

Every now and then, the girls will leave the stage and an elder lady will come up, usually carrying interesting accessories in order to perform all kinds of tricks that will make your jaw drop.

The list is extensive but, except maybe at 'Money Night A Go Go' which also includes a snake show,  you will never see all what has been advertised at once, and even at Money Night, the shows and the prices vary so much I can't really recommend it. The show can be more or less well executed depending how experienced is the girl but you are in for a serious surprise (well, let's call them 'ladies' since they are usually way past their prime).

Suzy Wong's, Devil's Playground, Rock Hard A Go Go  are more relying on sexy girls putting on a very sensual show.
Devils Playground Girls Patong
Devil's Playground
Suzy Wong Patong
Suzy Wong's a Go Go
Devil's Playground Bar
Devil's Playground Front Door
Devil's Playground A Go Go
Inside Devil's Playground

A colorful list of what you will see
Don't try (most of) this at home!
The Classics:
  • Whistle Blowing
  • Pop a balloon with darts 3 meters away
  • Little bird (looking very sleepy)
  • Few gold fishes, or some weird eels or even weirder: up to 20 catfishes coming out and back into the fishbowl!
  • Ugly toad
  • Blow the birthday cake candles (no thank you I'm not hungry... anymore)
  • Pull a ten meter fluffy string out
  • and of course: Smoke some cigarettes (up to ten!) but I can't talk about it, since this is a non smoking blog.
More risque:
  • Needles attached to a strings
  • Two dozen shaving blades attached to a string... yes, she will let you check if blades are sharp
  • Open a bottle of coke.... without a can opener, and not with the hands! (read between the lines) Here too she will ask you to verify if the bottle is real and sealed...
Never saw before but I'm dying to see (from the list on the photo above):
  • Knitting!? seriously?

List of all Go Go Bars in Soi Seadragon:

  - Suzy Wong's ★★★(Hot & Great fun)
  - Devil's Playground ★★ (Hot & Recommended)
  - Candy Club
  - Exotica
  - Diablo A Go Go
  - House of Sound
  - Play School
  - Foxy Lady (previouly OMG, XTC, Playboy, etc)

Go Go Bar in Soi Bangla:
  - Rock Hard A Go Go

Go Go Bars in Soi Vegas:
  - Moulin Rouge
  - Money Night (complete show, but pricey)
  - Roxy a Go Go

Go Go Bars in Soi Gonzo:
  Moulin Rose (A ladyboy cabaret)

Go Go Bars in Soi Easy:
  - The Secret

Useful Tip: Photos are strictly forbidden inside Go Go bars, and they are very serious about it, up to 5,000 baht fine (please do not copy my images).
Rock Hard A Go Go